Worried for TOM !!

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by horn by commitee, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. horn by commitee

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    1. i think lincoln riley is for real at Blow U
    2. aggy new hire will win at ALL cost (see Jamies Winston) !! plus a great recruiter.
    3. his offensive staff is below avg.
    4. players that shouldn't be leaving, are leaving
    5. OL-DL recruiting not going good
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  2. LongChuckles

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    Tom will be just fine. Lincoln is just on the sideline this year with Bob's team. Lincoln was placed in a much better position.
  3. WorsterMan

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    Tom is getting paid an obscene amount of money to make it rain while worrying about the challenges on his plate and what the competition is doing.

    We can all be worried / concerned all we want for him, the program and the results but ultimately we can do little more to get action outside of: arrive early, wear burnt orange, be loud and stay late. :hookem:
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  4. horn by commitee

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    What i would give if your right on both! to see Tom succeed big time and watch OU struggle.
  5. Badass

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    Lincoln Riley inherited the best QB and Oline in the nation. In other words, the cake was baked. Let’s tap the brakes on his genius.
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  6. nashhorn

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    Yeah well Rileys QB next yr will step right in.
  7. Badass

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    But he is not a 5th year senior. And not a Riley recruit. Has not started 38 games in a row. I will wait and see on that. And hope for the best for the Horns!
  8. slowrider

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    Riley definitely recruited Kyler to OU. He had his choice of the two A&M transfers and chose KM. He also recruited him as a freshman when he arrived at OU as the OC but was too late to the show.
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  9. BevoJoe

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    Not pleased with this year’s results, I expected much more on the O side, was excited by the D’s performance after Maryland game. The D kept us in a position to win games, but the O usually failed to produce. Special teams were a pleasant surprise with the exception of FG attempts.

    6-6 is NOT an acceptable result, ever. But I am giving TH a pass on this year. Next year has to be better in all phases. The O play calling especially in certain situations was confusing and concerning at best. If Tom needs a top OC, we got the $$ to go get the best. And Orlando deserves a big bump as well.

    I believe the QB position should be wide open this spring. Ball security, ball security, ball security!! This is fundamental from PeeWee up! Sam cost the team chances to win in 3 of the losses this year.

    So, we’ll see what transpires. Similar results next year and things will get ugly....fast.
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  10. zuckercanyon

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    I'll jump in and say Tom will be fine. Charlie's players are probably still a little butt-hurt that their friend is no longer coach. Anyone coming in now will be Herman's guys and he will be accurately graded/judged/vilified based on those results.
  11. huisache

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    All our offensive woes could be remedied by identifying the third or fourth string quarterback at Texas Tech and inducing him to move to Austin. Look at how well they have done elsewhere. Baker Mayfield being just the prime example.

    This year an ex Tech qb wins the Heisman; last year it was Mahomes going in the first round.

    God only knows how many other first rate qbs are wasting away in Lubbock.
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  12. moondog_LFZ

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  13. BevoJoe

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  14. X Misn Tx

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    I'm looking at who we are losing, who we are gaining, and who we get back from injury...
    I expect better next year, but not better than 8 wins. I put my over/under at 7.5.
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  15. LongChuckles

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    Vegas had us at 7.5 this year which was point on. Had we not totally choked away the TTU game we'd be at 7 now with a shot at 8 with the bowl game.
  16. Run Pincher

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    Tom made his bed with poor decision making and arrogance. He can lie in it. RE: #2, some of my aggy friends are even pissed with the hire due to the character issues. I guess the administration doesn't care. They may if they get exploited as the next rape enabling school. Apparently they didn't learn anything from the tenure of Jackie Sherrill.
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  17. slowrider

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    Duke Lacrosse, ring a bell?
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  18. LongChuckles

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  19. rick mueller

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    Oh come on Chuckles, just to be fair and unbiased Lincoln will have to sit him the first two plays just like he did with the snowflake. Anything else would simply be dishonorable! Oh wait, never mind.........!:ousucks::ousucksnana:
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  20. Omniscient.one

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    So how was Tom for the most part successful at U of H? What I mean is I see a lot of negative comments about him, and largely justified ones, but is it him or the players he inherited?
  21. Dionysus

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  22. SabreHorn

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    Gary has said that Anderson ain't that kind of kid. He really doesn't believe it's true, but said and asked others to withhold judgement until the police complete their investigation.

    I've known Gary and his dad for many years. I trust his judgement and his word.

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