Worst Coach: Drew or Barnes?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by IndyHorn, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. IndyHorn

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    Not trying to flame, or create an argumentative forum. But which coach is worse in your opinion: Scott Drew or Rick Barnes? You can use whichever criteria as you see fit. I only ask as I watched Baylor play Kentucky, and the Bears looked to me as uncoached as I recall a team looking. Scott Drew apparently does a fine job of rolling out the balls in practice. Mark this thought down. Baylor's team will have a bigger impact in the NBA than will UK's. In my view the Bears were longer and better in front line than was Kentucky. But Calipari got his team to defend and play as a team. That, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is a true warrior. But Perry Jones should have had his way with the UK defense. Instead, he hung his head. Glad to see Quncy Acie head off out of Waco. I think Baylor will suffer without his heart. Drew will never win anything that matters. . And his father could coach circles around him. Even Rick Barnes, with similar talent can out dual Scott Drew. Indiana had maybe 30% the talent of this year's Baylor team and the Hoosiers played UK a ton better.
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    Man, some hot sports opinion in your post. Not sure I entirely agree with you. Kentucky may be the best team in college basketball in the past 10-15 years (and maybe even longer than that). Drew did the best he could with basically a 3-man operation and a hot and cold Heslip. I would love to see what sort of result Barnes could have gotten with the same Baylor team. My guess is he would have done about the same or may have flamed out in the Sweet 16 and that is about it. Let's not forget though that Drew dodged a bullet by not having to face a very good Duke team that had an early loss so he did luck out quite a bit to even get to th Elite 8.
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    Drew can coach circles around Barnes. And all I want to do to Drew is kick him in the nuts.

    The notion about talent in the NBA is absurd. KY's bench has more NBA talent that Baylor's entire roster.
  4. elface

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    Barnes over Drew easily. Barnes would have had that team play defense and rebound. Baylor is very poor fundamentally on the defensive side of the ball. They consistently turn their heads, are out of position and slow to rotate which is why well-coached teams like Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky abused them.

    They do have lots of talent and Acy has the heart of a warrior. Add Acy to this Texas team and Texas would have beaten Baylor this year.

    And if Barnes coached Baylor and they played a 14, 10 and 11 then yes, Barnes would have gotten as far.
  5. old65horn

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    kinda like asking "have you stopped beating your wife?" There is not a good answer to your question.

    Now if you asked, who is the better coach, I would say Barnes...far and away.

    Maybe you didn't Realize that Kentucky has Jones and Davis inside. Both of these guys are better than any of Baylor big men. You do realize that Davis is in the POY hunt don't you? Don't think Jones is even being considered.
  6. Horns11

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    Drew actively (and quite illegally) recruits guys who are already in other Division I programs. It's why Barnes hates him so much.

    As for gameday X's and O's, I'd still take Barnes. Drew has caught fire in a few advantageous years for the Bears, but it's not like Barnes has never been there before. Baylor's not nearly as decimated by the one-and-done system as we have been. And from the looks of things, we're going to avoid that style of recruiting now that Lanier is here.
  7. Aces_Full

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    I tell you what, Drew has done a great job of bringing in the talent. And we're talking about Waco here. Imagine what he could do with Barnes' resources.

    I think Barnes does a great job defensively. I have never been a fan of what they do (or don't do) on offense. I do think next year will be much better if J'covan decides to stay for his Senior year.
  8. NBHorn7

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    That is the point, we are talking Waco here and how he has done it?
  9. Aces_Full

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    By all accounts, Scott Drew is a hustler. I mean that in a good way. He works his tail off in recruiting top talent. Is he squeaky clean? Don't know, haven't seen him get in trouble yet. But if he is getting grief for getting spanked by Kentucky, that is ridiculous. Kentucky has been spanking everyone this year, including the team they are about to play in the Final 4.
  10. old65horn

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    By all accounts in Waco maybe. All other places are using the traditional interpertation of "Hustler", and I do mean that in a bad way.

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