Worst collapse ever?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Has anything like this ever happened in NCAA basketball?

    19-0 and ranked #1. The team was playing lights out and beating the living crap out of everybody. Many critics were saying the Horns were playing as good as any team in recent years.

    Since then 3-7 and will probably be unranked when the polls come out. They could very easily end up 8-8 in conference losing 9 of the final 12 games but I'm guessing 9-7 and losing 8 of 12.

    Unless some dramatic changes happen they will more than likely win no more than one Big XII tourney game, be unranked going into the tourney and be lucky to make it out of the 2nd round (maybe the 1st) as a 7-8 seed in the big dance.

    Seriously, I've never in my 40 years of life seen an undefeated team ranked #1 2/3 of the way through the season tank like this with absolutely no reason to think they will do any better in the post season.

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    You might want to get the record straight before commenting on the team.
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    Ok, so I counted wrong by two games and they started 17-0.....does it change anything else about my post? Come on, don't get technical in the other math. I'm talking about the reasoning and the overall collapse of the team.
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    Was Texas really beating the living crap out of everybody?

    Trailed Iowa most of the 1st half, was tied at the half.
    Trailed Pitt, which did not have 2 of its best players, at the half.
    Was up only 4 on USC with 10 minutes to go.
    Trailed most of the game against MSU.
    Beat A&M Corpus Christi by 6.
    Had a 2 point lead over Arky with less than 2 minutes to go.
    Beat ISU by only 7.
    Needed OT to beat A&M in Austin.

    That's hardly beating the crap out of everyone. In several of those games, Texas wore out the opponents with depth and pressure. As seasons go on, teams tend to be less likely to succumb to fatigue, and as the season has gone on, Texas has had its available roster shrink, despite adding Lucas to the mix.

    Texas really hadn't done anything to deserve to advance to #1. Losing 7 of 12 is quite a come down, but let's not kid ourselves that the team had championship written all over it.

    After 10 games, I wrote an analysis of the individual performances and concluded the team had the pieces to go deep in the tournament, could win even when it didn't shoot well, and could be final four if it did, so I'm not about to claim that I was prescient about any looming collapse.

    I will say the team isn't positioned any longer to play the style I thought suited it best, which is attacking full court on defense. When Balbay, Bradley, and James were harrassing opposing guards in the back court and on inbound plays, the team was tending to go on runs to turn games around. Why it wasn't still trying to do that before Balbay was hurt, I'll probably never know. Maybe Barnes just didn't think the team could do that all year without Ward. Maybe he didn't think there were enough athletes on the front line to play that way.

    I guess I'll never know Barnes's reasons for playing the team the way he did, but I do think there are probably pretty good reasons why he is a Div. 1 college basketball coach and I'm an opinionated ******* on the internet
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    But at least in 82 we lost one of our best players. Wacker had played so well in that win over Houston and the team was jelling at the right time. Still, in 82 we weren't preseason top 5 so the win streak was quite unexpected in the first place. This one almost feels like a bigger collapse because the pre-season expectations were so high and through 16 games we had pretty much lived up to them. We seemed so deep that if we just were tied at half, I knew we would win by 10. WT hell happened to that team?
  7. The Horn Identity

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    Not even the worst collapse in our school's history:

    Wacker down. Wacker goes down.
  8. bierce

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    The 82 team had two wins to its credit that were more impressive than anything this year's team did in the 17-0 run, so the collapse, even if explained by Wacker's injury, was more pronounced. Those weren't just any Arkansas and Houston teams Thompson, Wacker, and company beat. Those two teams put something like 9 guys into the NBA.
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    Three teams have been ranked #1 and fallen out of the poll, we may become the forth.

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    But this is definitely a major collapse, let's be realistic.
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    They were rated too high because of Brown/Bradley/Hamilton joining James/Johnson and Pittman. Lots of good but not great players. After starting so well w/out a true PG there was nowhere to go but down. There is still time to salvage the season but it will take a PG and with Brown hurt I don't know who that could be. Are there any guards on the bench who have not played that could get a shot? Very frustrating. Thank God the baseball team swept Stanford and that football recruiting is again lights out. **** ou and aggy, of course.
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    #1 Kansas
    #6 K-state (on the road)
    #22 A&M (on the road)
    Uconn (on the road)....very underrated team
    Mizz (on the road)
    OU (on the road)
    #24 Baylor

    4 of those 7 teams are ranked. 2 of those were on the road. 1 of the home games was against #1 Kansas who we weren't going to beat anyways.

    The other 3 losses were all on the raod and this is a very young team.

    We now know this Texas team isn't a top 10 or 20 team. They are inconsistent and have trouble on the road. It is a very young team. They win one and then they lose one. This has been the pattern for the last 6 games. I would be much more worried if the Big 12 weren't so good this year or if more of the losses were to unranked teams at home.
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    2nd biggest collapse in Texas history. No reason it eventually levels off, keeps going down into unranked and lose first round game.
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    The Wacker injury was the worst ever, but I have to think if we lose tonight to OU, it is this year as the worst ever. Is there any hope we make a coaching change if things continue to go down?
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    I've been a big supporter of Barnes thru the years and argued with those that spouted off that no coach does less with more (talent). I'm not siding with Barnes now. Sure our losses are "quality" losses, but so what? We can't win on the road and can't even beat good teams (KU, BU) at home. If we played aTm in Austin tonight, they'd beat us again.
    I said it before in another thread ("Barnes is an atrocious coach") . . . what could Jay Wright (Villanova), Mark Few (Gonzaga) or Jamie Dixon (Pitt) do with this much talent? And don't tell me our players are over-rated. They can't all
    be over-rated.
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    You also have to consider how we lost. In most of those games, we weren't even competitve - often falling behind early, trailing by double-digits for most of the game, ....
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    This is in no way Rick Barnes fault..

    But this has to be one of the greatest falls ive ever actually witnessed. I dont think the blame is all on Rick. Its a collective effort of suck from everyone.
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    The worst collapse ever could be UNC this year. National champs to the NIT and they gave up against Duke this past weekend. He had at least 4 McD AAs play against Duke and they lose by 30.

    UConn, UNC and Texas all look horrid so is it really the coaches or the players??
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    Buckman was brilliant as a freshman for knowing how to follow whoever to the basket, whether it was a point guard or another big man who made the first move. He was a McDonald's All-American, btw, so being a ballyhooed high schooler and being a team player aren't mutually exclusive.

    This year's team is getting offensive rebounds faster than any UT team since the 03-04 team.
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    2009-10 Texas Basketball = Dallas Cowboys training facility.

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