Worst Fans in the Country

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by TexasTower, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. TexasTower

    TexasTower 500+ Posts

    Here we have the best road to get to the final four and doing well there with us playing in Houston then San Antonio.

    Our fans flushed that advantage down the toilet. What the hell? Why are we sitting on our hands making no noise in this damn game? Do these idiots realize this is potentially the last game of the year?

    We suck as fans. Not that that's a big surprise.
  2. El_Guapo

    El_Guapo 500+ Posts

    We're getting our butts kicked by a damned talented team that we don't match up well against. Don't blame the fans.
  3. SubliminalHorn

    SubliminalHorn 500+ Posts

    Yeah, the fans flushed it down the toilet. Nevermind the turnovers, lack of motion, rebounding etc... etc... by the players
  4. GatorHorn

    GatorHorn 250+ Posts

    Calm down.
  5. scharnell

    scharnell 1,000+ Posts

    that and our fans are probably 200feet from the floor since we're playing in a football stadium.
  6. MTF

    MTF 1,000+ Posts

    I'm actually impressed with the noise I've heard from our fans, given the stadium and the way this game has gone.
  7. L.A.Longhorn

    L.A.Longhorn 250+ Posts

    Yep, this is all on the fans. No blame for D.J, A.J., or the rest of the team shooting so poorly.

  8. jimmyjazz

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    The fans were very loud to open the half. They started to quiet down after our run was negated. I'd say the original poster had a point, although he overstated things. (I say this as I sit at a computer in Austin.)
  9. converse

    converse 250+ Posts

    "Why aren't the fans making more noise?"....says the guy sitting in his living room.
  10. ProdigalHorn

    ProdigalHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Wow. Just when you think you've read the most over-the-top, ridiculous comments you'll see on this board...
  11. CadetHorn

    CadetHorn 250+ Posts

    no freakin joke prodigal.......our crowd is absolutely dying for ANYTHING to cheer about. Are we gonna start cheering for tv timeouts? THERE'S NOTHING TO EVEN CLAP ABOUT.
  12. WestGAHorn

    WestGAHorn 500+ Posts

    Hopefully today's game will clear any thoughts that DJ may have had about turning pro out of his head. We are just over matched across the board and Memphis is just that friggin good!!!
  13. MaxHorn

    MaxHorn 250+ Posts

    I am at the game. The fans today have been GREAT. Not a lot to cheer about, but we have cheered anyways.
  14. blym

    blym 250+ Posts

    Correct in a way but if you did not travel to Houston AND are posting negative comments about fan support you really don't need to be calling others out.. We are tring to show some support in here. Bunches of local bandwagon fans that have probably not been inside the Erwin Center for years are leaving in droves before the Eyes.
  15. origino

    origino 250+ Posts

    Today was a bad day..still is. We do NOT match up well with this team. Any team that is SUPER athletic always gives us problems. Always. That has been the case for a long time. Remember Syracuse? Oh well, great season.
  16. TXhook21

    TXhook21 < 25 Posts

    the fans nver had a chance to really get into it, but they could have been louder from the get-go.
  17. TexasTower

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  18. 4th and 2

    4th and 2 25+ Posts

    So I guess when we beat USC in their own backyard their fans sucked too? I get it now.
  19. D_Wreck11

    D_Wreck11 250+ Posts

    Maybe it was Memphis.
  20. CadetHorn

    CadetHorn 250+ Posts

    boo frakin hoo.

    we got our clocks cleaned, its pretty tough to cheer. deal with it.
  21. Bosshorn

    Bosshorn 25+ Posts

    I call BS. We were commenting most of the game about how the crowd was into it. Memphis is a fine team, and they deserved to win.
  22. SubliminalHorn

    SubliminalHorn 500+ Posts

    I hope the crowd stayed behind afterwards so they could practice yelling.

    I bet that would have helped the team overcome a better Memphis squad.
  23. TexasTower

    TexasTower 500+ Posts

    I guess I should have posted this after some distance from the game. It is apparent there is too much emotion to look at this objectively.

    We got our *** kicked. We were without a doubt outclassed. I thought UNC and Memphis were the best teams in the country this year by far.

    This thread has nothing to do with that. This has to do with the fans within the sight of the camera. Go back and watch the game (as painful as that may be) and notice how the fans in the lower level sat on their *** most of the game even when we made our runs.

    READING COMPREHENSION: This thread is about how bad the fans are in general (which was on display today) not with how poorly the team played. It's pretty obvious we played like butt.
  24. Bigtex112

    Bigtex112 500+ Posts

    Some times the best team wins regardless of where you play. That's what happened today. The fans had nothing to do with it. The talent of Memphis had everything to do with it.
  25. accuratehorn

    accuratehorn 10,000+ Posts

    All agreeing with TexasTower's post meet at his house tonight at midnight for cheering practice. That will fix the problem.
  26. TexasTower

    TexasTower 500+ Posts

  27. SouthAfricanHorn

    SouthAfricanHorn 250+ Posts

    A couple of observations after having just arrived home from the game:

    1) Memphis is the better team.

    2) The fans on the teams side of the stadium weren't NEARLY as good as though under the cameras. My side was standing for a lot more of the game and were definitely more active and louder

    3) There were a lot of casual fans that probably couldn't care less who won, weren't wearing orange and were there for the experience]

    4) All in all I thought the fans were pretty good considering the set up and the fact it was a hoops game vs. football

    Great season. Proud of these guys and am just praying DJ stays so we make another deep run next year.

    Hook 'em!

  28. TheBestPoster

    TheBestPoster 100+ Posts

    I was also at the game. Anybody who was AT THE GAME would realize that the fans were actually pretty good. Hell, even when we were down 17 points and AJ hit a 3, people got excited.

    You can blame the lack of noise on the set-up at Reliant, NOT the fans.
  29. YChang

    YChang 500+ Posts

    I was at the game. Our fans definitely could have been louder. However credit Memphis and the butt kicking they delivered on our team, no matter how loud (in general and in my section) we tried to get, they would score quickly and take us out of it.
  30. stockjock

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