Worst Fans in the Country

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by TexasTower, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Orangesweat

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    Now that I've been called out, I want to apologize for being such a ****** fan. [​IMG]
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    The subject of this thread is laughable.
  3. Turd of Doom

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    I was at the game and you the original poster is wrong. Nothing wrong with the crowd, it felt to me like everyone was dying to cheer for something. We got our *** kicked, its hard to cheer while thats going on.
  4. EPThorn

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    Watching the game on TV, i didnt think the fans were too bad. They did have thier moments when it was loud, and probably would stayed that way if Memphis werent so darn good.
    This loss isnt on the fans or even the team. Memphis was, hands down, the better team.
  5. ProdigalHorn

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    You keep talking about the fans in sight of the camera and using that as the basis for your post. Maybe if you'd told them they were in sight of the camera they would have been louder and everything would have been ok.

    Seriously, all I can go off of is what I saw on television and we had plenty of people standing, making noise and getting into the game.

    If you don't want to get dogpiled, don't post things that are ridiculous such as "our fans flushed that advantage down the toilet" and "do these idiots realize..."
  6. UTeric32

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    I was there too, the place was rocking at the start of the game. And even more so to start the second half. Everyone was on their feet for the first 4-5 minutes of the second half.

    Hard to stay into it when you are cheering your *** off, and Memphis always just takes your heart away by ending the run and starting their own...
  7. TheContractor

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    I was the most upset person about this after the Stanford game. I sat in section 3 behind our band today (same place on Friday behind Stanford band). I can honestly say the fans were way better vs Memphis than Stanford. Vs Stanford they had more to cheer for than Memphis. I am not saying the fans were great but good for sure. No one will compare us to Cameron crazys or even Kansas fans, but we were on and off very loud. I was standing 100% of the game with my chest proudly painted with a “U” while my friend had a “T”. My foot hurts for slamming it down so hard so many times on defense. I had to yell multiple times for people to stand up in my section but they rarely would. There were times where we were insanely loud, especially for a football stadium.

    The Memphis band and Stanford band were better than ours. The Memphis tiger mascot was 10 X better than Bevo. The tiger was dancing and getting down, while Bevo looked high. He didn’t get the Texas/Fight signs right and was just lollygagging the whole game. He left in the first half to go to the locker room with 4 mins left.

    I am however happy and thankful to those that were there and yelling at the game. I wish our alumni as a whole would be more rowdy, not rude but “crunk.” Our band needs to do a better job and please get a Bevo that can dance.

    For those of you that think our crowd sucked today, you clearly did not go to the game friday. We were good today, many times. We need to get better. The team on the floor was beat by a better team. Great season, but Memphis beat us on a day were things did not go our way at all.

  8. UofTOrange

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    If you weren't there, you honestly should not say a word about the crowd. The fans were borderline great today. I was in the upperdeck cheering my *** off as were the other Longhorn fans around me. We tried hard to keep the team in it and they couldn't hit a shot, I know I certainly couldn't fix that even though I wanted to.

    I think the reason it looked or sounded disjointed on TV is because they miked the bands and every time we would get a Texas Fight or something going the Memphis band would come on over the loud speaker up about 10 times louder than they should have been drowning us out. That pissed me off to no end, it helped to knock down the 75% longhorn fan advantae significantly. And I'm not knocking the band members themselves, but there is absolutely no reason at an elite 8 game to play a single song that is not University of Texas related. It was horible and the director should know better.

    The fans had nothing to do with this loss, not a single itty bitty thing
  9. L.A.Longhorn

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    Yes, yes you are.
  10. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I just got home from the game only to read this ******* full of **** piece of garbage post. Ok, forgive me if I offended anyone. That was therapeutic.

    From the opening tip the Horns were immediately out played. The fans were up and cheering for the first five minutes of the game until we got down ten. At that point we all calmed down. I'm not sure how it looked from the TV, but I felt they were playing uninspired and with little emotion.

    For the rest of the game we didn't get closer than ten the except for about a two minute span in the second half. When we got to within four the crowd was going ape ****. Then of course came a slew of bonehead plays, missed shots, etc and we were back down by 15+ points.

    Any time the Horns put together two in a row the crowd would rock, but then Memphis would run off a few and everyone would go back into a stupor.

    I think the biggest thing that stunned everyone around us was the fact that Memphis kept hitting the free throws.

    Anyway, from an attendee, I would say the crowd tried, but since the team was losing for 12-18 points the whole game there wasn't much to be happy about.
  11. CaboWabo

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    We got schooled by the better team. Quit whining about the fans like a little *****.
  12. coolhorn

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    We couldn't have beaten Memphis today if our fans were allowed to carry, and use, AK-47's. Memphis is that good...in fact, I think I like them to win it all. Save the whine to go with your cheese.

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