Worst move ever by a superstar?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by hornpharmd, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Lebron going to Miami?

    I know it is too early to tell, but Lebron abandoning Cleveland to go to Miami and join 2 other all-stars in an attempt to win a championship may end up going down as the worst move of his career and perhaps the worst move by a superstar of his calibur ever.

    It is certainly not in line with what past legends have done. Michael never left the Bulls until after his 2nd retirement and it was really a move to try and help his Wizard franchise. Magic never left the Lakers. Duncan and Robinson never left the Spurs. Olajuwon never left the Rockets. Bird never left the Celtics. Kobe hasn't left LA.

    You can argue there are cases where this has worked out in the past such as Shaq going to the Heat. However these examples are much fewer and far between. And guys like Shaq have no team to associate their legacy with. I guess when I think of Shaq at his prime I think of LA, but I think moving around hurt his overall legacy.

    It might have been one thing if Lebron had left Cleveland for a team that was pretty much built and just needed that last piece. If he had gone to Utah, or Portland, or Orlando, or even Chicago. But instead he choose to go to Miami where they now have to build an entirely new team and this may take some time. Wade turns 29 this year and may really only have a few more years of top level play before we start to see a decline.

    Of the teams I mentioned, Orlando is 10-4 and on top of their division. Chicago is 8-5 and on top of their division. Utah is 11-5 and on top of their division. Portland is 8-6 and in 3rd place in their division. I didn't mention the knicks but they are 8-8 and in 2nd place in their division behind Boston. Miami now sits at 8-7 and in 3rd place in their division.

    He left Cleveland b/c he wanted to become a global icon and that is by winning championships. He did this b/c he didn't think at Cleveland they were going to get better than Boston (11-4), LA (13-2), or SA (13-1). Not only has his move not made the team he is on better than those top teams, his team is now worse than Chicago, Orlando, and Utah.

    Again it is too early to tell but his move to Miami may end up going down as one of the worst decisions by a superstar.
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    Spot on.

    Hey, Cleveland's going to be fine. They've got Colt now.

    Oh, b/t/w, minor technicality, Hakeen was traded to the Raptors for one final year in the NBA --- I guess technically he didn't leave, the Rockets traded him to get some high draft picks.

    Happens with the greats some times, already won a title or two (like Hakeem, unlike LaBron), have a national following, will put butts in the seats, smart business move, even for the players sometimes.
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    Let's wait until the end of the season and see. Or even next year.
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    Several so called experts said Miami will win 70 to 72 games this year, Wrong. Too early to say it is worst move, only 15 games have been played.
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    As a Rockets fans, I am constantly reminded of the fact that Jordan took a 2 yr sabbatical from basketball to pursue a MLB career during the Rockets two year reign.

    Because Jordan came back and led them to another 3-peat, I'm guessing Bulls fans didn't have a problem with him leaving during the prime of his career.

    It would be interesting to read fan/Chicago sports commentary when Jordan left after the 1993 season. At the time, Jordan's dad had just been murdered, so I assume he got a pass. Not sure what to think of his attempt at a MLB career.

    Jordan proved that he was the man by coming back and doing the 3 peat again (while gone the Bulls lost to the hated Knicks and were knocked out by the Magic with a rusty Jordan).

    James, because he will never be the man in Miami, will never be given a pass even if the Heat win multiple championship (although Heat fans could care less).
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    It's early to label it a mistake. But you have to have role players who can play their roles to make it to the championship. Seeing Erick Dampier sign with the Heat is a sign that they are in some trouble at center.
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    How about the attitude of another superstar being the best move ever---------------I give you Kevin Durant!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    They are just creating an excuse to move Pat Riley on to the bench. Not sure if that will be enough to help them though.

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