Would Spencer Rattler portal to the 40 acres?!?!

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LHABSOB, Oct 19, 2021.


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    Interesting that Texas is listed as one of the 5 potential destinations if Rattler were to transfer. I am not saying I am for it or against it but it is an interesting thought...

    Oklahoma Football: 5 Possible transfer destinations for Spencer Rattler

    2. Texas Longhorns
    Transferring to Austin is not about Rattler being petty and going to play for the rival. Instead, this is about Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian and his ability to develop quarterbacks and whether or not coach Sark is pleased with either Casey Thompson or Hudson Card long term.

    Casey Thompson has been solid, not spectacular this season for the Longhorns. Hudson Card is the freshman in waiting; does it say anything about Card that he could not beat out the veteran Thompson for starting a new coach in a new system?

    Sarkisian’s ability to develop quarterbacks is without question. When Sarkisian was brought back to Alabama as its offensive coordinator, “Sark” oversaw the development of both Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones.

    What Sarkisian did with Jones was nothing short of amazing. Jones went from three-star developmental/depth quarterback to the NFL. Jones’ play in Sarkisian’s last season in Tuscaloosa is an example of his ability to coach quarterbacks.

    Rattler’s ability to distribute the football to playmakers makes him a fit for Sarkisian’s system. Also, Sark has the reputation of coaching quarterbacks hard. That could be something that Rattler needs to light a fire in a new place.
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  2. LonghornCatholic

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    We could use him.
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  3. dukesteer

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    Rattler simply doesn’t impress me. Pass.
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  4. 2003TexasGrad

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    Intriguing. We still need an Oline though.
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  5. mb227

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    I'm inclined to agree...given what Lincoln Riley still kicks puppies has turned out prior to Rattler getting Rattled, I cannot help but to believe there are some issues beyond what happens on the field. Production has seen a precipitous drop this year and it is either other programs catching up to him or he is trying to live up to the hype, but neither is a good thing to have between the hashes.
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  6. CoachMc

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    Only if he can play an O line or D line position..
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  7. Ajo Macho

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    We already have two QBs that are either good or soon-to-be good. I'm not convinced Rattler would be much of an upgrade.
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  8. ProdigalHorn

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    We're fine at QB. That's one area I don't think we need an immediate infusion - even if I thought Rattler would be an upgrade, which I'm not sold on.
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  9. nashhorn

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    No thank you.
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  10. BevoJoe

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    I agree. I don't care who nor how talented the QB is, if the O line doesn't get addressed, that QB will be scrambling for his life in each second half of the games.
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  11. horninchicago

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    @LHABSOB, check your account. I think you were hacked.
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  12. MeatHeadHorn

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    Nah, pass. He’d just suck in Red River and we wouldn’t bench him till it was too late.
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  13. orngblud

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    No thank you
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  14. WorsterMan

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    Most of you are being nice and analytical.

    HELL NO !!! :angry:
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  15. Sydhank

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    Rattler seems like a complete Me-First DBag. And a head case. And he folds under pressure. But he has an amazing arm. And his second half against us last year was NFL. Hudson Card may be something in a year or two, Casey T ceiling seems pretty low though I hope I'm wrong. We need help at QB (and LB and edge DL and G and T and WR).
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  16. Crockett

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    Maybe we could get Caleb Williams to transfer here? I'd be all for it!
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  17. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    Very self centered. Charged for autographs. Inconsistent.
    Primadonna. Whined alot. Those are a few of legit reasons why ou fans booed him, did not like / want him as the starter.

    Caleb William's was probably the biggest reason.

    Unfortunately, the ou game helped ou ditch Rattler and find their next real QB. :rolleyes1:
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  18. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    Y’all have more trust in Casey than I do.
  19. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    I don't see much to suggest that he's better than Nate Hybl, Landry Jones, Trevose Knight, or Blake Bell. Unfortunately our rivals have a solid two-decade system where they can succeed with pretty much anybody.
  20. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    You are far more polite than I would be.
  21. gahornphan

    gahornphan 500+ Posts

    Baker Mayfield- No thanks, we already got “our guy.”
    Big 12 Champion, Heisman, #1 draft pick, NFL starter.
    Kyler Murray- No thanks, we already got “our guy.”
    Big 12 Champion, Heisman, #1 draft pick, NFL starter
    Jalen Hurts- No thanks, we already got “our guy.”
    Big 12 Champion, NFL starter.
    Spenser Rattler - No thanks, we already got “our guy.”
    Seems like we love “our guy”, more than OU loved whoever “their guy” was. The only question OU asked was, is this guy better than the guys we have now? NOT potentially, but NOW. And they ended up winning with these transfers - NOW. While we end up waiting and hoping on “our guys” with all their reported “upside” to “develop.”
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  22. Run Pincher

    Run Pincher 1,000+ Posts

    I don't care if he's better than Kyler Murray, I don't want the prick. Just like I didn't want Manzere regardless of how good he was at football.
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  23. n64ra

    n64ra 1,000+ Posts

    Ah yes, our guys of Ash and Swoopes...
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  24. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    Do we really think the problem with us and OU over the past few years was that Sam wasn't good enough to win those games?
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  25. X Misn Tx

    X Misn Tx 2,500+ Posts

    to the extent that our current Two-deep could be better, I don't think he improves it much at all and makes it crowded. I'll wait for Murphy and Manning :)
  26. ViperHorn

    ViperHorn 10,000+ Posts

    Ash's issue was health, not ability.
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  27. Horns11

    Horns11 5,000+ Posts

    Sure, if you think a QB should be throwing for around 150 yards and a score here and there.

    Ash was brought in for one reason, and that was to hold a clipboard and hand the ball off. He was pressed into service when GG didn't work out. The fact that he couldn't quite unseat Case McCoy and threw poor interceptions at super-inopportune moments shows he was never going to be the answer, injuries or not.
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  28. bystander

    bystander 10,000+ Posts

    I seem to recall that part of Mayfield's animosity towards THE University of Texas was how Garrett Gilbert was treated. Wonder if he has a different view of how Spencer is being booed and benched. You know, Oklahoma football and their fans being a shrine of nurturing and kindness towards all.
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  29. Detective Shilala

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    Rattler is immature. Maybe this experience will help him grow, though.
    He doesn't seem like an outright turd, like Mayfield. I might be wrong. I don't pay as much attention as I did a few years ago.

    We would have taken Murray or Hurts in a heartbeat. IIRC Murray was courting Charlie Strong for a minute, and we were all excited as hell about the possibility.
    Herman had his head too far up Sam's *** to recruit Hurts s far as I know.
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  30. ViperHorn

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    No one recruits a QB just to hold a clipboard. Ash had talent and would have become a good QB if not for the concussions.
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