Would we be embarrassed?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by SCVHorn, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. SCVHorn

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    An aggie friend of mine, with head hung in shame, sent me this youtube link.

    Aggies in the Movies

    I told him that I gladly accept the depicted Horn loss to the aggies in order to avoid this fiasco.

    My question is, would you be embarrassed if the situation were reversed--if the Horns won and were depicted this way?

    How is this an accurate or inaccurate depiction of the aggies?

    Any aggie readers... are you embarrassed?

    "whoop it up"--classic
  2. GoHorns08

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    Yes very embarrassed!! That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! The only thing missing was the corps... [​IMG]
  3. Bill in Sinton

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    That is one time I was glad that the Aggies won the game. The fact that it is fictional makes it even easier. [​IMG]

  4. aflatoon

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    From the outside looking in you can't understand it. [​IMG]
  5. Tums

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  6. DigglerontheHoof

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    Why are there speed bags in a football lockeroom?

    And boy, that shower scene is...interesting. It seems they could have saved themselves a 75 mile road trip and been much happier aggie boys. [​IMG]
  7. Eastwood22

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    Youtube comment -

    Instead of College Station, they should call it Closet Station

  8. Knoxville-Horn

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    My parents used to watch that movie when I was young. Even at an early age, it used to piss me off when aggy won. As I got older, I came to appreciate the fact that they had aggy win.
  9. TexasGolf

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  10. TheGallopinGoose

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    The Link

  11. Sooner-Tuf

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  12. jthomen

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  13. SubliminalHorn

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    Hey did anyone hear what Rome said about the aggies? Oh boy, it's a knee slapper!
  14. SomeMildLanguage

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    That's really amazingly gay, even by musical theater standards.
  15. Bill in Sinton

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  16. Bill in Sinton

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    Tums is absolutely right. In fact from 1940 to the 1974 seasons we only lost to A&M three times in 1951, 1956 and 1967.
  17. Tums

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  18. Jive_Turkey

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    I'm embarassed just watching it.
  19. ERhine

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    Yes. And I only watched 10 seconds of it.
  20. Texas Rugby

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  21. TheGallopinGoose

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  22. SCVHorn

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    I'm really wondering--who at A&M signed off of this one? Who thought this would be a good idea and bring pride to the aggies everywhere?
    I can just hear the phone conversation asking permission...
    "Y'all are doing a movie, a musical--and you want to use the aggies--I don't know--musicals are kinda dumb and might not represent us well.

    What... you mean it's all based on us beatin' the Sips? Sure! Sign us up! We'll give you anything you need--even our helmets and locker room"

    Whoop it Up! [​IMG]
  23. Macanudo

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  24. rocat

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    plus evidently the booster is paying for their sessions at the chicken ranch.... gotta be a violation of some kind there.
  25. Texas Jack

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    Jesus, yall need to crawl out of a hole if you never seen that before.

    Best little Whorehouse was a popular movie with some big name stars.

    I'm sure the Aggies are actually proud.
  26. SCVHorn

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    "was" is the key word. It's about 25 years since it came out and it's been at least 10-15 since I've seen or thought about it. At the time, I wasn't paying attention to the irony of the aggies in that sequence.

    Knowing all that I know now, that is very disturbing to say the least.
  27. Austintxusa

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    I was at UT when the Chicken Ranch closed. Some of my hometown buddies went to A&M and they said the closing caused much teeth gnashing and I'm sure other things. It was either the year the CR was closed or the year after that A&M allowed women in. Coincidence?

    Honestly if that had been UT players, I'd have to burn my degree.
  28. Bevo5

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    that is awesome.

    I can't really blame them for singing off on it since someone also signed off on that horrible movie about the texas cheerleaders.

    Although, that movie was not as homo-erotic in nature.

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