WOW. BBall coach Floyd out at USC

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by BigWill, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. BigWill

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    Is the athletic dept. scandal finally claiming some heads? Could Petey be in trouble? Nah.
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  2. DeadHorse

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    Maybe he should have taken that Arizona job after all.
  3. HornLivin

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    Lots of smoke coming out of USC's basketball program... [​IMG]
  4. BornOrange

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    No way Petey will get in trouble.

    USC basketball is not a protected species like USC football.
  5. Aragorn

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    Smart move by USC letting the basketball program take the fall for Carroll/Bush/et. al.
  6. South Austin

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    I agree. I think Floyd is a sacrifical lamb. Not sure that will make things go away. But then again, we're talking about USC.
  7. Dude

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    I've said all along that absolutely nothing would happen to USC for the Bush, Mayo, etc. stories we've been hearing. I meant I didn't expect the NCAA to actually enforce its rules, but I didn't see this coming either. Must admit I'm a little surprised there is going to be some consequences.
  8. CanaTigers

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    I could see USC making all kinds of self imposed sanctions and noise on the basketball team. They will do anything to divert attention from the football program.
  9. cochamps

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