wow Lebron what a POS

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by schnarkle, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. schnarkle

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  2. centexorange

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    Hey that guy should just be honored to touch the clothes that were on his back come on now.
  3. TigerPride

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    schnarkle and I have found some common ground
  4. Booyakasha!

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  5. longhorn_melissa

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    wow... this guy needs to step back into reality.
  6. South Austin

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    He's just trying to maintain focusness.
  7. Bigtex112

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    He's the King don't you know? The KING!! King of morons. He could take some lessons from Kevin Durant on how to handle yourself.
  8. South Austin

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    There's a strong chance that guy also wipes Lebron's ***.
  9. TigerPride

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    I have to give all of you kudos on KD. He is definitely a class act and I wouldn't trade him for any of those asshats that play for the Heat. GO THUNDER!
  10. smwhorn

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    Jeez what an ***. I'll bet we could get a pretty big pot of $$ going to give the kid to throw them right back in his face next time he does that.
  11. longhorn_melissa

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  12. Third Coast

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    Ink poisoning from excessive tats can cause that type of behavior.
  13. hornpharmd

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    Did that guy have sexual relations with his mom too?
  14. NEWDOC2002

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    This was a playoff game in Chicago last April. You can find some Cleveland sports blogs defending "King" James. Wonder what they're saying now????
  15. Chest Rockwell

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    First of all, I hate what the NBA has become over the past 10 years or so. Too many gangsta/tatted up thugs for my taste. I also hate that economics has changed the game - making trades more driven by cap room than an exchange of talent. I've been irritated by Lebron more than once.

    But I don't see what's so egregious about that clip. He doesn't deliberately throw the pants away from the ballboy so much as he had one last snap that was caught up. As far as the other clothes, I just think he was throwing them as you would a towel towards the sideline and just oblivious to the ballboy's existence.
  16. Whiterock Horn

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    Nah - he's an A-hole.
  17. DVPMD

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    chest rockwall is right.
  18. Third Coast

    Third Coast 10,000+ Posts

    He's still pissed that Larry Bird stole his lunch.

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