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    Marshall Mavericks come in at #4 in the 5A pre season poll.............moved to Shreveport in 1958 but my parents and several cousins went to school there........Go MAVS!
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    Ask your parents i they remember Coach Fred Jackson.

    On the day after D Day, his Iwo Jima story is beyond something Hollywood could dream up. Great guy.
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    Mom didnt get to Marshall till probably would have as he was a 46 grad (he was there during the Tittle era) but hes gone....
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    I can't remember his years there exactly. He was in Jacksonville in the late 60s, then moved to Marshall sometime after that.

    His story in short:

    First wave at Iwo, shot and wounded; while being carried on a litter to LST, mortar fired killed the two men carrying him, and he took shrapnel. Once on the LST going to hospital ship, the LST was hit, killing multiple people on board.

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    I had a couple of cousins that graduated early 70's, I'll ask em.

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