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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by TomTerrific, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. TomTerrific

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  2. that is low class. that's like Colorado against us.
  3. TomTerrific

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    I am sure that in their minds that their players aren't really black and a sign with a watermelon on it probably would be cool with them.
  4. JJxvi

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    That watermelon comment has nothing to do with race.
  5. TomTerrific

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    I read a little more over there and you are right.

    It would still be a horrible mistake for anyone to make such a sign and have the entire country see it.

    Make sure your disclaimer font is big enough to be seen on television so your recruits don't make the same mistake I did.
  6. TheGallopinGoose

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    Classless. Going after college athletes like that is pathetic, not to mention that there's a group of Aggies that do this for every A&M home game. I hope I never see a thread like that on HornFans.

    [Gundy]Makes me wanna puke.[/Gundy]

  7. JJxvi

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    Thats not really an A&M thing as much as it is a college basketball thing...Cheer Sheets and Dirt Lists and such are fairly common in most student sections in basketball arenas.
  8. TomTerrific

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    I understand, and am amused by the creativity that some of the students come up with for each game.....

    I realize now that this was about what Rick had said in a press conference, but I still submit that whomever is considering making up such a sign be cognizant of the fact that 99% of the people watching won't get it, like I didn't.

    I am all for the opponent's fans getting on our players, I expect it.

    I just believe that this would be a monumental mistake.
  9. LightTheTower

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    Gotta agree with aggy ( [​IMG] ) Cameron crazies have been doing it for years.

    Regarding the texags thread, the watermelon reference is certainly not a racial thing, however the insistence that some guy has heard third-hand that DJ's choice of schools was bought and paid for is just absolutely laughable. SOS that's trotted out every time a recruit makes the correct decision and picks UT over aggy.

    We didn't lose, we ran out of time.
    An aggy never lies, cheats, or steals.
    If a player chooses UT over us, they must have been paid.

    Sometime I wish I had the myopic, delusional views of an aggy, but then that damn logic and objectivity keep getting in the way.
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