Wow! Western Kentucky got screwed

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Alex_de_Large, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Alex_de_Large

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    Coach calling timeout and the refs miss it.
  2. SL Xpress

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    That coach is Ken McDonald, who played for Coach Barnes at Providence, was an assistant for him at Clemson, and was an assistant for him here at Texas for two years. He took the Western Kentucky head coaching gig last offseason, and this was his first year with them.
  3. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Me too.....I had the Toppers and that was my only miss for the day......damnit!!
  4. Alex_de_Large

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    Thought he looked familiar
  5. ilsa

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    Even if you get the timeout, the chances of you getting a crosscourt basket with .9 seconds left are incredibly low.

    IMO it was his poor coaching that allowed Gonzaga to win. The shot clock was off when WKU had possession... no reason to leave that much time on the clock.
  6. Third Coast

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  7. Statalyzer

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  8. SL Xpress

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    Oh, by the way, the kid who hit the winning shot for Gonzaga is A&M running back Michael Goodson's little brother. He would have gone to A&M, but the Aggies chose Dash Harris instead. I've been interested in following their respective careers to see who turns out to be the better player.
  9. UTExinPDX

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    Was at this game. Western Kentucky was thoroughly entertaining to watch on both Thursday and today. Thought Gonzaga had control at the end only to see WK fight back. Great game.
  10. Alex_de_Large

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  11. Mesohorny

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    he's talking abt WKU inbounding after the winning layup. the clock stopped at .9 as soon as the basket was made, but WKU quickly threw it in, starting the clock. the guy throwing it in should have had presence of mind to call TO since all eyes were on him, not their coach at the other end.
    the CBS commentator who said the refs should have anticipated the coach calling a TO and looking at him was FOS.
  12. Alex_de_Large

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    I thought McDonald was calling TO after WKU took the lead with 7 sec left, not after Gonzaga scored with .9 left. I think he wanted to set his D up so a they couldn't get a layup, like they ended up getting.
  13. SL Xpress

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    That makes more sense to me, Alex_de_large.
  14. Lester Long

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    I thought the same thing but in the press conference afterwards McDonald said that the refs missed it but also that "his players" threw the ball in too quickly. So he was referring to after the Gonzaga basket at .9
  15. SL Xpress

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    It's just tough for me to feel like McDonald or Western Kentucky got jobbed in that case. It was leaving so much time on the clock and allowing Gonzaga to go across the court in a flash for a layup that did them in, not the refs stopping play for Western Kentucky's time out with .9 seconds left.
  16. Lester Long

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    I agree. If it was after their made bucket to take the lead then I think they would have had a legitimate gripe. But in this case, it would have taken a miracle of epic proportions to go the length of the court and score with .9
  17. Bob in Houston

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    It was definitely after the Gonzaga basket.

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