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  1. mojo17

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    We are on national tv and look like a bad junior high team.
  2. Joe Fan

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    Alot of posturing and whining about the NCAA's intentional foot dragging on Kabongo, but I don't think he can save us.

    Georgetown is much tougher than us. Any time they get a hand on the ball, they just rip it out of our hands, at will. We play softer than the Lady Horns. Hard to swallow that Thompson, Jr. is such a better coach.
  3. HornsForever'93

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    Horrible team. The coaches on the 40$ acres are extremely overpaid. Barnes couldn't coach offense if his life depended on it.
  4. NEWDOC2002

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    That was pretty ugly. I wonder if .500 is a possiblity. No direction. Almost no set offense and soft and slow on defense. I can't even evaluate the individual players because the team play is bad, awful. My Little Dribblers 12u played better.

    There's Barnes yucking it up with the ref. I imagine the conversation went somethink like, "Can you believe I'm get paid 2 large for this?"
  5. Hook 'Em Danno

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    Look at the bright side. There won't be any anxious moments wondering who might be a one-and-done player.
  6. caryhorn

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    We are not a junior high team. I think we could win the Texas 5A state title this year with just a little luck. [​IMG]
  7. IndyHorn

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    Texas is going to have some brutal games this season. Thankfully not all teams we play will be as good as Georgetown. But games like last night, games where we have nearly as many turnovers as points scored in the first half, that's a game that might actually introduce accountability to Rick Barnes. This is his, what, 14th year? And that is the product ge rolls out there? Anyone see any one of the sophomores improved relative to last year?
  8. Bigtex112

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    Hell, Rick Barne's teams couldn't produce offense with NBA talent, why the hell do you expect it with this bunch?
  9. Horns11

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    I thought they actually played better as a team against Georgetown than they did against SHSU/UTA this past week. The only difference was the shots just not falling. GU has a good defense, but we didn't do them any favors by bricking open looks so often.

    We played better in the second half regarding the turnovers. I think everyone feels the pressure to perform now instead of running an actual offense, so everyone is turning the ball over at an inordinate rate. Ridley should not have that many turnovers. End of story.

    I'm not sure why Felix has been greenlighted to shoot so much, but he really needs to work on it. Even his drives/layup attempts seem off target. McClellan is also showing why he's coming off the bench. I think in his mind, he was going to be the J'Covan Brown this year and make things happen by himself. He just doesn't have that ability right now.

    Our defense wasn't awful, but I know that's not a lot to hang your hat on.
  10. Chest Rockwell

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    This team has everything . . . that you'd find in a pick-up game @ Gregory Gym.

    A bunch of guys standing around that don't know how to move w/out the ball, no one playing defense, everyone going fot the highlight reel blocked shot instead of blocking out, 1 guy that jacks it up everytime he touches it (McClellan) and guys that can dunk the sh*t out of the ball in warm-up but not in the game.

    Sure, this is a different team w/Kabongo and could only be better with Bond, but I'm amazed how flat this team has looked in the games I've seen. (Those not on the LHN.) I'd rather have Jay Bilas coaching this team than Barnes. Hell, I'd rather have a drunk Dennis Hopper coaching this team than Barnes.

    Get ready for a long, disappointing season guys. [​IMG]
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    before tipoff, I wished to myself that this game were on LHN... [​IMG]
  13. mojo17

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    I have the Longhorn network notanative. I don't think my analysis was far fetched. We looked foolish the first ten minutes and mediocre the rest of the way.
  14. Third Coast

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  15. el squared

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    None of this is on RB. ......things just happen sometimes.....for good reason. Since Deloss is AD he will get this fixed - he has already got football fixed and on the way back to 8 win seaason streaks.

    Success is right around the corner. Bellmont says so...
  16. Statalyzer

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    I have to admit it's impressive that some folks still can't see what the sober, rational posters have been saying for YEARS.... but that unconditional love is what it is and you can't talk someone off the ledge when all they see is orange....
  18. Statalyzer

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    That's a funny post since it's apparently responding to .... nothing in this thread at all.

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