WR Worthy Offered 7 Figure NIL to Leave

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, May 3, 2022.

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    All well said.
    I gave up on the NFL and sincerely do not miss it.
    I’m concerned that the last sport I watched will leave me more free time.
    I know the players, university, etc doesn’t care- nor should they.
    I’m not boycotting- it’s just like the hallmark channel. I don’t hate it, I just don’t watch it.
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    It kind of already was. The one silver lining is that now a school that formerly couldn't win any recruiting battles with the big dogs, at least has a chance to selectively pool their booster resources to outbid for a few select individuals to lure them away. E.g. imagine if T. Boone Pickins was still around. He could singlehandedly turn multiple elite recruits the Cowboys' way and have their teams be just as talented as the blue bloods.
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    I have a big picture of Hartzell meeting with Boone.

    "Mr Pickens, we sincerely appreciate your loaning $500 million to two of our teaching facilities, and while we fully understand the caveats that came with those funds, I think you will agree that none of us could know that NIL would come along during our 20 year agreement. That said, I think we could make a fairly convincing argument that NIL is indeed an investment which could reap huge new revenue streams for The University."
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    The only curiosity will be if paid players will be soft and get their *** busted by the teams that focus on discipline, teamwork , and military style football. You might as well go the opposite approach for teams that can’t pay these prima donnas.
    Maybe we will see some old school football come back to its glory for some schools.
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    I wonder if NILs will shift the balance of power to academic schools, at least somewhat. Simply because they theoretically would have a larger number of wealthy alumni.

    Granted, some schools fitting that description aren't football-crazy (Harvard, Yale), and some don't field a football team at all (Caltech, MIT).

    For the past half-century or more, football teams at schools like Michigan, Washington, Texas, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Notre Dame, USC, have shown a general trend of slow decline. Meanwhile, football teams at schools like Alabama and Texas A&M are better than they've ever been, and schools like UTSA are showing up in the rankings. Might we see that trend reverse now that the academic schools can weaponize their rich alumni?
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    "Weaponize rich alumni" = goosebumps :hookem:
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    Here's the last refuge for the sports purists:

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    Alabama's been in that tip top group for probably 80-100 years, with the occasional down cycles that all great programs experience.
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    oh sorry duke. that was humor related to your comment that 'x was gettin paid.'

    i being x. who would like to get paid.

    it's a hilarity that i impart on this board any time someone uses "x" as a generic person.

    good stuff...good stuff...

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