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    ok, I have several questions.
    1. easiest way to get tickets.
    2. names of walking distance hotel rooms.
    3. should I stay out of the area and take train into ballpark.
    thanks for the info.
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    Wrigley is one of my very favorite places. It is one of the last, if not the last, ballpark in a neighborhood. Go early, walk around Wrigleyville, hit one or more of the bars. As far as tickets, you can usually get bleacher seats from people on the street day of the game. Bleachers are general admission, and it can be a great time! For other tickets, you can try the usual venues like Stubhub, etc. Staying downtown, while a bit pricey, is great. You can take the L to Wrigley, and also be close to the Mag Mile, Navy Pier, etc. you can also get there via train if you stay out by O'Hare. Cheaper hotels and you are close to the Bandits field as well, if you want to watch some fantastic fastpitch. Go when the USSSA Pride are in town.

    Guide to Wrigley Visit

    I found this online, and it is pretty spot on. Enjoy Chicago! It's a great city to visit. Just don't live there in the winter! [​IMG]

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