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  1. rtchorn

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    I checked and it says that the St. Mary's game is on LSN. What is LSN? Is that available in Houston?
  2. homer

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    Longhorn Sports Network. It is not a real network -- it is like radio. Local stations can license the content.

    For Texas, it mainly means Fox Sports Net.
  3. TheGallopinGoose

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    LSN = FSN games shown only in the state of Texas
  4. DirtyFranke

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    People keep saying it's only shown in Texas but I've gotten every game on Direct TV on FSSW in Chicago. I don't know why they say that.
  5. uisge beatha

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    I saw that also and wondered what LSN was. Checked on the DishNetwork guide and it showed it was available on FC.
  6. Bob in Houston

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  7. DesertDog2K

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    I am in Arizona and I have DirecTV. I do not have Full Court but I do have the sports pack. I have seen every LSN game this season.
  8. Bob in Houston

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    I also know from experience that there is at least one channel that has GP/FC games as part of its programming that should be blacked out and is not.

    However, (apparently) until this year, DTV did black out all LSN games...
  9. Steinbeck

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    Maybe they finally stopped blacking those games out because there's no reason to get the sports package if the regional networks don't carry at least regional college games.

    I used to get the sports package every December to watch high school football playoffs, and then I'd cancel. It was a waste of money beyond that. Haven't had to cancel this year -- yet -- but I'm waiting to see if they go back to the old approach once conference games start.
  10. DirtyFranke

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    Yeah, the package we have for DTV runs through our condo but I've heard we just have the "sports package." Maybe since the industry has become so competitive they are loosening up a bit. I for one love it since I've had to miss the majority of the games in the past. God bless DTV.
  11. Horns11

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    It's not always FSN in Dallas/Fort Worth. Sometimes it's KDFI (The backup Fox station, Channel 7 on cable) or the "over-the-air" Channel 52 (which is 25 on Time Warner I think).
  12. Bob in Houston

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