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WTS 2 for Texas Tech

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by MacAttack, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. MacAttack

    MacAttack < 25 Posts

    Sec 7, row 9, seats 5-8. RIGHT in front of the action, perfect view of Godzillatron. Added bonus: Matthew McConaughey not visible anywhere. :)
    (LOVE him, but I'm not sure I want him on the sidelines)

    $480 for all 4 and your choice of parking pass: Garage Q (across from Scholz's) or Trinity Garage.
  2. yippeekyay

    yippeekyay < 25 Posts

    Are these still available?
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  3. MacAttack

    MacAttack < 25 Posts

    Sort of. Sold 2 of them. I'll update the post title and check with my neighbor about his 2 seats. PM if you're still interested in the 2.
  4. MacAttack

    MacAttack < 25 Posts

    Confirmed, the 2 are still available. Sec 7, row 9, seats 7-8. Includes parking pass across from Scholz's.

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