WVU And Kansas Slugging It Out On Senior Night In Lawrence

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by NBHorn7, Mar 3, 2015.

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    WVU led 40-26 at the half and by as much as 18 in the second half. Kansas tied the game in the last 11 seconds and it's in overtime now.

    The teams are both beaten up. Staten and Brown not playing for WVU, while Alexander still sitting out for Kansas. Perry Ellis hurt his knee in the first half and hasn't returned.

    Kansas hasn't lost at home all season and hasn't lost a senior night since 1983. Kansas needs the win to clinch yet another conference title.
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    A lot of good games on TV tonight. Kansas-WVU, Villanova-Creighton, Kentucky-Georgia, and A&M-Florida all with televised close endings in the past hour.
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    As you might expect after they come all the way back to send it to overtime, Kansas wins 76-69.
    WVU missed several free throws down the stretch in regulation that would have given them the win.
    Kansas wins their 11th straight Big 12 title.

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