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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Texdoc, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Texdoc

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    picked Memphis this morning, & apparently Calipari still leads for John Wall & Dominic Cheek !!!

    As good as our class is, that is just sick. If they get both of those guys they could win every game like UCLA used to back in the Wooden era.

    Bright Side: X woulda chose kansas if not memphis, so at least we've got that going for us [​IMG]

    HOOK 'EM,
    Texdoc [​IMG]
  2. musubi

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    In the end, playing with his brother C.J. tipped the scales in favor of Memphis. I have a hard time envisioning Dominic Cheek going with Memphis, too, given the fact that Henry and Nolan Dennis are already committed. I think Cheek to Kansas is now much more likely. I have no idea what to think about John Wall.
  3. GoHornsGo90

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    [​IMG] This is me PRAYING that Wall goes to Memphis over KU...he is the kind of player that would single-handedly put KU up with us next year when Bradley and Hamilton come in.
  4. Jellydonuts

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    I am not sure if Memphis has the cap space remaining to sign Wall too.

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