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  1. YeaTexasFight

    YeaTexasFight 1,000+ Posts

    is making me very angry right now. I've never had a Final Four team go out in the first game of the Tournament (and possibly never in the first round of the Tournament)
  2. Mr. Longhorn

    Mr. Longhorn 250+ Posts

    Georgia to the Sweet 16 is looking nice. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. alden

    alden 1,000+ Posts

    Ditto. I didn't have them in the final 4, but I did have them upset Duke. [​IMG]
  4. Texas Wahoo

    Texas Wahoo 1,000+ Posts

    I'm rooting for UGA - it's really quite amazing the run they've been on.
  5. RyanUTAustin

    RyanUTAustin 1,000+ Posts

    I think Xavier pulls it out.
  6. Aragorn

    Aragorn 250+ Posts

    Xavier is a terrible 3 seed. The fact that Duke got a #2 and got paired with by far the weakest #3 in the tournament is a joke. I would rather play Xavier than a lot of 6-8 seeds.
  7. LovinTheAtx

    LovinTheAtx 250+ Posts

    yep...Xavier is pissing me off right now.

    I'm not a happy person [​IMG]
  8. OrangeChipper

    OrangeChipper 1,000+ Posts

    I have Baylor beating Xavier next round... not too disappointed if this holds.
  9. thatruballa87

    thatruballa87 < 25 Posts

    ugh why am i so dumb. my gut told me georgia, but those stupid seeding numbers were telling me xavier. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Texas Wahoo

    Texas Wahoo 1,000+ Posts

  11. adamhorn

    adamhorn < 25 Posts

    someone refresh my memory of why Drew went to Xavier?

    Was it because Sampson left?
  12. uisge beatha

    uisge beatha 1,000+ Posts

    Yeah, I have Xavier going to the Elite 8. Hope they make the comeback.
  13. SigPi_Horn

    SigPi_Horn 500+ Posts

    Xavier is making us all very angry.

  14. BigOHorn

    BigOHorn 100+ Posts

    GOOD NIGHT dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Trilla

    Trilla 25+ Posts

    Xavier is not a terrible #3 seed. This is just March Madness. I'm glad Xavier is starting to clamp down.
  16. bluto

    bluto 500+ Posts

    looks like the x men are back in control.

    and drew lavender went to Xav. before the sampson debacle i believe. part of the reason was his getting busted with weed. as a side note, the nonathlete guy that was in the car with them and subsequently got pinned with the rap was my brothers best friend. his folks were a little shocked when they picked up the paper and saw he had made the front page.
  17. Trilla

    Trilla 25+ Posts

    The entire ou team was getting caught with weed for 2 years straight. That isn't the reason he left. He thought the offense was boring. It didn't fit his game.
  18. YeaTexasFight

    YeaTexasFight 1,000+ Posts

    Nice, Tom [​IMG]

    Wasn't Xavier the 3 that year as well? or the two? I know were the 10 and beat #7 Georgia in round 1, but can't remember if Xavier was the 2 or 3.
  19. SA_Town_Horn

    SA_Town_Horn 500+ Posts

    Ah yes. Now I feel better. Xavier is starting to pull away.
  20. Bevo-Stevo

    Bevo-Stevo 1,000+ Posts

    Thank you, Xavier. That really would have sucked if they lost. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  21. Michael Knight

    Michael Knight 1,000+ Posts

    Well there went by bracket
  22. YeaTexasFight

    YeaTexasFight 1,000+ Posts

    That was the ultimate year of upsets...Loyala Marymount made it to the Elite 8 as an 11. I know there were a couple of lower seeds in the final four (georgia tech? or was it minnesota?)
  23. DKR777

    DKR777 250+ Posts

    I have Xavier to the Elite Eight. Thank God they survived.

    People really picked Georgia for the Sweet 16? It was pretty obvious to me they'd be out of gas after that hellacious SEC tourney run.

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