Xbox 360 vs PS3 (reliability)

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by brandons87, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. brandons87

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    I want this topic to focus specifically on hardware reliability issues.

    Right now I have an xbox 360. It recently got the 3 rings of death. I've been able to keep it going temporarily by using the towel trick, but its a real pain in the ***. On top of that, its started scratching my CDs rendering them permanently damaged and unusable.

    So I'm looking into buying either another xbox 360 or a ps3.

    I will consider buying another xbox ONLY under the following circumstances:

    1) MIcrosoft changed their hardware and eliminated the 3 rings of death in the newer models

    2) Microsoft fixed their laser/CD tray so that it doesnt scratch disks anymore.

    Can somebody who's bought a newer Xbox 360 verify that these things have occurred? Or is it still a crap shoot whether your machine gets the 3 red lights or scratches disks?

    For PS3 users, I want to hear your horror stories. So far I've only heard about some AV compatibility issues, but nothing that causes the PS3 to crash permanently or scratches your disks permanently. Can PS3 users verify this?

    Also I've heard that some versions of PS3 are not backwards compatible with PS2. Any truth to that?

    As for games, I really like SOCOM. Unfortunately I hear that the new SOCOM: Confrontation is multiplayer online ONLY, which kinda sucks. The other games I like are COD4, NCAA Football, and Madden which should come out on both platforms.

    For PS3 users: how is the online experience? One thing I really like about xbox is that generally its a great online experience. Dropping connections to servers is pretty rare, and gamespeed is good (not very much lag).

    Does PS3 online multiplayer have lots of lag issues or connectivity problems? How does the speed of Xbox live games compare to PS3 online games? Any noticeable difference?

    One last question: for PS3 online, are there lots of people online to play with for games like COD4, Madden, NCAA? Or is it noticeably less crowded than xbox?
  2. RollingwoodHorn

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    I don't know if the 360 has fixed their issues with the most recent units but I finally gave up on mine and sold it and bought a PS3 about two months ago but that 360 was about 18 months old. I don't have any complaints about the PS3 to this point but I don't play anything online which I have heard people say is a big advantage to the 360.
  3. fhetw

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    you could always send your 360 in to be fixed for free and also buy a ps3
  4. atxbomber

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    i wish i had money....(sigh)... [​IMG]
  6. bdaddyc

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    I bought my xbox last august and have had no problems with it. Hooked an intercooler to the back and take it off everynow and then and you cant even hear it running. In July microsoft decided to put the elite motherboard in the pro. Thats why they now come with an HDMI hookup. I dont think they are having many problems with the RROD anymore. Also there is nothing you can do about scratching the should only happen when you move the console.
  7. atxbomber

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  8. bevo_daddy

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    No problems with my PS3. I really like it and the interface. I have had some connectivity issues while playing COD online, not sure if thi is just my connection or not (wireless) cuz my other friends have not had a problem with it.
  9. jcazes

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    I bought a PS3 when they came out (fall of '06) and have had 0 issues.

    I bought an elite 360 in November of last year and have also had 0 issues. From what I gathered, the 360's latest version (produced after August of '07) is supposed to have resolved the RROD issues. These models have a newer "Falcon" motherboard with a more efficient CPU heatsink, although GPU overheating is purportedly to blame...

    Either way, you can't go wrong with a three year warranty. If it's going to fail, there is a good chance it will fail prior to 3 years of use. PS - don't use an intercooler. They're a useless marketing ploy.

    Oh, and to answer your questions about online play--360 is far and away a better system. I have only played RFOM and COD4 online for PS3, but COD + lag was practically unbearable. Maybe it's all in my head, but the 360 seems to handle lag better (at least in Halo). And I have a 12Mbps connection...

    Other than lag, the 360 also handles communication, online-friends and the "online experience" a lot better than the PS3. Enough to influence a purchasing decision? If you play a lot of games online, then YES.

    Why don't you just send your 360 in for repair and get a ps3? [​IMG]
  10. kevwun

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    I read something on this the other day. When the 360 came out the failure rate was 30%. Microsoft has gotten that down to around 15% now. The PS3 and Wii are around 3%. So even now, a 360 is about 5 times more likely to fail than the other consoles.
  11. bdaddyc

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    took the intercooler off the xbox for good today! Thanks for the info guys.
  12. RollingwoodHorn

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  14. Not Shinola

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    Not really Ps3's fault... but lots of complaints of GTA 4 crashing on it.
  15. Hobbes2702

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    I have heard that the PS3 handles GTA IV better than the 360. I read that the 360 has some lag and longer loading time. Had not heard about it crashing the system.
  16. Holden

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    (Am an early adopter of the PS3 (60 GB). I am a casual gamer; first console since Atari. )

    I love the PS3. Have had zero problems and the 60 gb model is wireless, so downloads and updates are a breeze/ I have only played RFOM and COD4 online, and had no problems.

    Blu-ray is a huge benefit.
  17. PunkRockinHorn

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    The reports about GTA IV crashing were limited to the 60GB model of the PS3 from what I read on Joystiq. I've had my 360 since november, with no problems at all, my brother has had his as well since then with no problems. May get a PS3 eventually but not anytime soon. GTA IV run just fine so far on the 360.

    I wouldnt give up my 360, I love Halo 3.
  18. DCLonghorn

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  19. atxbomber

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    Apparently the game can lock your system up at certain points. It's happening on both the PS3 and 360, but from what I've read the 60gb PS3 is getting it the worst.
  20. Endust

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    i love my ps3, but never owned a xbox 360.
  21. Suckapuncha

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    My friend gave me an XBOX 360 cause it got the 3 rings of death. i opened it up and fixed it. Free 360! Works fine ever since, so you may want to try fixing it yourself or getting someone that knows how to fix it.
  22. atxbomber

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    There's really no reason not to send your 360 off for repairs if you have the RRoD. It's free, and they provide you with everything you need box, foam protectors, tape, etc. They even give you one month of Live for free. And if you live in Texas, it generally shouldn't be more then a week or two tops (the repair center is in Mesquite).

    Even if you bought it at launch, your 360 is currently covered by the RRoD warranty.
  23. Third Coast

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    What atxbomber said. No reason not to send it in for repair. I had mine back in a little over a week.

    If you open it yourself, you void the warranty and if you can't fix it you are SOL.

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