Yates' Joseph Young... where is he going?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Hu_Fan, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Anybody know the college destination of Yates' Joseph Young?

    I missed their 4A title run (they beat Dallas Kimball 94-78 for the title), but read this in the Statesman...

    "Instead of going in for an easy layup, Young stopped on a dime and hoisted up a three-pointer." ... which he made.

    He scored 29, making it 37 for the 2 tournament games and 8 3-pointers, getting the title game MVP award.

    I like that kind of confidence. Anybody can take it in for a pretty dunk, but it takes a steel pair to pull up for a 3.

    On another note, the 94 points was a tourny record for pts by one team in the title game (I guess for 4A), but get this... the game was labled as a "track meet masquerading as a basketball game:"... and had... 43 turnovers.

    That's a turnover every 45 sec or so of playing time. The ball was apparently going all over the floor when it wasn't flying into the hoop. The report says there were 133 field-goal attempts and 43 turnovers. One helluva game to watch. Or be in. The coaches probably needed medication after the game.
  2. general35

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    i dont care how good you are, any coach worth his *** should bech his ***.
  3. general, granted the game was in jeopardy.

    wrong forum?
  4. elface

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    Is he (phi slamma jamma) Michael Young's son?
  5. GemStateJim

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    My guess is any greatness on Joseph's part is a result of him sharing a last name with Vince Young.

  6. roll2

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    Yes, he is Coog great Michael Young's son, who also attended Yates & now is a staff member at UH. 1st round pick of Boston who mostly played overseas. Part of the Phi Slama Jama fame w/ Olajuwon, Drexler, Micheaux, etc. in the early '80s. Still resides on the east side of Houston I guess.

    All 5 starters for Yates were juniors. Young still uncommitted last I heard, but may be wrong.
  7. Heretic Horn

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    Is he a southpaw like his dad?
  8. ghost

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    Yates and Wheatley were fun yet horrid to watch in person this year. They both scored a ton of points but there is basically zero offense. It's all up and down. Their crowds are tremendous and give a lot of support. I loved sitting with the Wheatley fans.
  9. 3ball

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    The Young's actually don't even live in Houston. They live in Richmond. Joseph is zoned to Richmond Foster H.S. He went there as a freshmen before transferring to Yates last season.

    I'm sure Joseph will attend UH.

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