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  1. uisge beatha

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    Well, if AJ had made tht last FT, that last shot just wouldn't have mattered...
  2. M C Orange

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    you mean dj?
  3. ThirtyFiveAlive

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    Some might frown upon this sentiment, but, for me, beating Kansas is equivalent to a tournament victory. It feels that good.

    Or is that the alcohol?
  4. uisge beatha

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    If we're going to invent things to ***** about tonight, should we let things like proper initials get in the way? [​IMG]

    great win [​IMG]
  5. TJ=NPOY

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    We just beat a top 5 team with our best player going 1-13 from the floor. Amazing, and awesome at the same time. Somebody pinch me.
  6. tj11_hookem

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    That was a badass team we just beat.
  7. Horn69

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    Kudos to the crowd. It sounded very loud on tv and definitely a factor. I'm total believer that crowd helps the refs make good calls and home team to run faster and jump higher, per Bill in Sinton; no really.

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  8. GabeRocksSocks

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    It was roaring. The climax was definitely around the 5 minute mark when the crowd erupted into "TEXAS! FIGHT!" without the cheerleaders provocation. That was the loudest chant I've heard in a long time, be it basketball, football, or otherwise.
  9. VYFan

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    Very big time--and we didn't even storm the court.
  10. L.A.Longhorn

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    I'm loving this team again.

    For awhle I was unsure about our tourney chances, but I LOVE this team's fire from tonight.
  11. GoHorns08

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  12. Uninformed

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    One negative. I fell asleep at halftime and don't have tivo. [​IMG]
  13. 71grad

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    Wow. I can't even think straight. A lot I want to say but alol I can think of is........Wow. [​IMG]
  14. Eastwood22

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  15. texashorne

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    That was a hell of a game and easily the best the Horns have played all season, hopefully this gives them confidence down the stretch run to get a 2 seed and kick the **** out of aggy. [​IMG]
  16. Bevo5

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    yeah...great job in the crowd tonight. I was watching on TV 1500miles away and got goose bumps from the texas-fight that came in late in the 2nd half.

    I went to half the home games last year and it never seemed that loud. Pretty awesome.
  17. baoklhorn

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    I am in Tulsa and was told Texas would "GET SMOKED" by Kansas by a certain radio host.

    I am collecting bragging rights on this one now.


    Please beat ATM and KSU Aggies.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. zork

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  19. UTEE

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  20. L.A.Longhorn

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    Got chills watching it in Los Angeles. I miss being a part of that crowd.
  21. 2feathers

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    Even the next night I am still pumped about that game!

    Imagine if we could keep everyone's intensity level that high during the tournament! [​IMG]
  22. orangeblack&gold

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    I think the players agreed regarding the crowd last night. After the game they crashed the OZone. It was cool watching them wade through the students.
  23. Bill in Sinton

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    Way to go Horns! Great Win!

    Great job of supporting the Horns in Austin fans! Well done! Keep up the good work and keep repeating it especially when we play the Aggies in Austin. Also do it when out Ladies' team plays the Aggies. The main thing is to not start off on the wrong foot in Austin like both teams did in College Station.

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