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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Horns11, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Horns11

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    Up 54-36, after Balbay's score, transition D got light. CU goes on a 17-4 run in less than 5 minutes. Barnes finally calls timeout.

    I'd really like to know what was said on the bench. Because as soon as we come out, Hamilton takes a bad shot, Johnson gets it stolen and fouls. The game was basically over, even though we still had a lead then.

    Everyone credits Barnes for not calling timeout against KU, eventually leading to our comeback and how the team never gave up in each other.

    I'd like to see what would happen if Barnes actually DID call a timeout when things appear to be getting too tough to handle, especially at the beginning of a 2nd half. We shouldn't be going in 3-to-5-minute spurts without FGs while the other team lights it up. This was a case of too little too late. If the team gets pissy because the coach doesn't trust them to create their own comeback, then they can go back to the 2010 days when we flat out gave up.

    This team got too full of themselves after their tough string of wins. It's nice to come back down to earth, but just plain sorry against the dredges of Division I.
  2. bystander

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    The only thing I can think of (and hope for) is that Barnes is not playing for a number one seed. If he deliberately did not call a timeout then he sacrificed the game for a greater purpose. It's almost as if he is saying, "You guys don't want to listen? Then let's see you win doing it your way."

    The question is this: Is that wise?
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    just one of those days where cu all the sudden cannot miss and Texas cannot hit the side of a barn. who can explain it...just happens.

    we will see what this "team" is made of on Monday night....then we have gameday in Waco to worry about.
  4. Clean

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    John Wooden, the coach with the most championships in history, would never call the first timeout and didn't like to call them at all. He thought calling a T.O. was a blatant sign of weakness. He believed that the players should be trained enough to know what to do in any situation.
  5. orangecat1

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    agree with bystander. But, if I'm Barnes, after last year's collapse, there is no way I don't call timeout earlier. I'm making as a big an impression on these guys as possible.

    No way I sit there and watch the momentum go that far.
  6. warrior

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    I am hearing the altitude got to them in the 2nd half? Texas ran out of gas? Texas defense was giving up 50 to 55 points a game recently but CU scores 91? We will see what kind of game they have tonight against a hot K. State team. Texas should be happy with a 1 point victory. Just think next year Texas schedule will get much more difficult because they will have 2 games with KU, K. State and Missouri every year.
  7. overmaars

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    CU is 5400 feet above mean sea level. Austin is 700 feet. That's a HUGE difference. They were clearly wasted in the second half. They had no hussle, no hops, no feet, and no angles. They got gassed, period. They get a pass with me.

    But there is no excuse not tofinish strong by beating KSt and Baylor. If they dont, Horns will definitely lose the 2 seed in the SW bracket. I think a 1 seed is unattainable now.

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