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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by UTperks, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. UTperks

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    This is going to get confusing...

    Jay Lucas
    Damion Jaymes
    Jay Mason
    Jay Hamilton
    Jayvery Bradley
    JayCovan Brown

    But I'm just glad A Jay Abrams isn't here to add to this group.......

  2. OUsucksATMblows

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    Why the backhanded slap at AJ. You do realise he holds a few ALL TIME records for UT basketball??? I guess some people will never recognize the things he did for our program. I feel sorry for you man
  3. Bob in Houston

    Bob in Houston 2,500+ Posts

    Where is he knocking AJ the player?
  4. UTperks

    UTperks 25+ Posts

    I wasn't knocking AJ as a player but this team will be better.

    I got frustrated with the way we played last year and the way AJ played. Sitting in the corner as a decoy or being our go to option at 5' 9" from outside is not the kind of basketball I want to see anymore.

    We are better than that now with him gone.

    You can feel sorry for me if you want. I feel sorry for you as to thinking AJ will be missed this year.

  5. OUsucksATMblows

    OUsucksATMblows 250+ Posts

    I agree we will be better but why do you have to knock the BEST SHOOTER in UT history in order to say we are going to be better. I don't understand all the AJ haters. Just my 2 cents.... I guess some people don't realise how good he was. Go ask our coaching staff how much success we would have had the last 4 years without AJ? I bet their answer would surprise many on this board
  6. Hornmatic

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    Yeah, I really hated AJ single handedly keep us in games last year because he was the only person on the team that could hit a jumper outside of 12 ft....

    I know your original intent wasn't to bag Abrams here, so I won't drag this out, but AJ was not the [main] problem last year. We will be better next year but it has much more to do with what's coming in, not what's leaving.
  7. UTeric32

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    Back to the OP...

    No, its not going to be confusing at all...
  8. The Horn Identity

    The Horn Identity 500+ Posts

    The only reason I'm glad AJ's gone is that I don't have to hear people giving him a bunch of crap.

    All the kid did, night in night out, was give it everything he got. Usually playing against guys much bigger than him. He never shirked a defensive responsibilty or shied away from a big shot.

    I can't count the number of games he either won for us or kept us in the game. When he was cold, sure we lost some games. But, it ain't like anybody else but James was stepping up to the plate.
  9. UTperks

    UTperks 25+ Posts

    Give me a break... You can't count the games he won for us?
    You sure can't count very high....
    He averaged way too many minutes and thus made us very easy to defend.

    I am ready for a different style of Jay ball... one where everyone is asked and can score.

    If we have a late need for a three pointer I would love to have AJ around but I think there will be less of a need for that this season.
  10. bierce

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    To get this back to the original topic, can we all agree to never again refer to Pittman as JayDex?
  11. NickDanger

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    What was that really old Miller Lite jingle about "you can call me Jay or you can call me Ray, but you can't call me Ray Jay?"
  12. bierce

    bierce 1,000+ Posts

    He was up there annoying with Ernest P. Worrell.
  13. The Horn Identity

    The Horn Identity 500+ Posts

    Winning games is more than just hitting a last second 3-pointer, which I as I recall he did a number of times.

    He also made clutch free-throws on several occassions.

    And, yes, in too many games to count he provided the ample offense to keep us in, much less win the game.

    Maybe, if I said it the other way around, I can't count the number of games we would have lost without him.
  14. overmaars

    overmaars 1,000+ Posts

    this is a dumb post.

    AJay was a good player. DJay Augustin was good too. So wa PJay Tucker, and Jaymes Thomas.
  15. GoHornsGo90

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  16. Steve Dallas

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  17. 3ball

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    I'm glad he's gone too. Not because he was a bad player, but because it means I won't have to watch us run the same play over and over again to get his tiny *** open. UT basketball will be fun to watch again.

    obviously we wouldn't have won as many games without him, but we could have won more last season if we would have been more creative in the way we used him, and he didn't take so many stupid shots.

    For every game where he shot us to victory there was another where he shot us out of the game.
  18. Orangesweat

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  19. OUsucksATMblows

    OUsucksATMblows 250+ Posts


    Tell me a better shooter. I don't know what you base your idea of a great shooter on, but any way you look at it AJ is at least top 5 all time shooters to play for the horns.
  20. l00p

    l00p 10,000+ Posts

    I saw JayDex the other day and forgot to ask him his current weight, dammit.

    I saw J'Alexi Wangmeme from a distance, casting a shadow on the land as he ambled by.

    Rick J. Barnes has a slew of talent on campus this year. The J Zone will be rocking this year.
  21. orangebones

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    you know how i know you're jay?
  22. UTperks

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    Brandy Perryman
  23. updog07

    updog07 500+ Posts

    this thread delivers the fail.

    AJ was a beast.
  24. overmaars

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    Jai Lucas will be eligible in December. And he is paying his own way, well his parents are. [​IMG]

    Class kid.
  25. Statalyzer

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    Al Coleman I believe still holds the Big XII record for most 3s made in a single game.

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