You guys really are the Harvard of the southwest...

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by OUBubba, Mar 13, 2019.

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  2. Horn6721

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    Thank you Captain Obvious.
    That scandal not withstanding We didn't need some idiot parents paying off a tennis coach to get their precious but stupid little snowflake into Texas to know this.
  3. Mr. Deez

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    "Tough break?" Screw him. He's a friggin crook. Screw all these people. I've read a lot of condemnation of people doing the bribing, but bribes only make an impact if there are crooks on the inside willing to accept the bribes and more to look the other way. They are the bigger villains. Yes, the bribers need to go to the slammer, but this will keep happening unless the crooks on the admissions and testing side of the equation get punished much, much worse.
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  4. OUBubba

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    Lighten up Francis. it was a quasi joke. No need to go full Tom Herman on me. :)
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  5. Monahorns

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    U Texas has been corrupt for a while. Didn't Bill Powers get pushed out because he let similar things go on in the Law School? I got a degree from here but there is much not to like about the school.
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  6. Horn6721

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    OK. got it
  7. huisache

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    How about the folks with sub par scores who get in because they can play football or because their complexion is a darker hue?
  8. UTChE96

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    Noone has to cheat to meet OUs academic standards. :smile1:
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  9. HornHuskerDad

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    OU has academic standards? When did that change?
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  10. mchammer

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    Hui, come on man! You and I know there is the right way and the wrong way to cheat the system.
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  11. SabreHorn

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    No mention yet of a certain segment of our society, where under-performing students are placed in AP classes because a "C" in an AP class (lowest grade you can receive) shows up on the transcript as a "B" and counts same on GPA. That game has been going on for over 30 years.

    Major problem - EDUCRATS ARE LAZY! Parke Muth at UVA personally reads nearly 20,000 essays every year seeking well rounded students rather than eggheads who will never give a damn penny back to the school. Ask Fenves or Cunningham how much money the school receives from foreign graduates, but before they start lying to you qualify their answers by making them exclude their Saudia prince and Mexican billionaire. They can't and won't answer.

    End tenure & add accountability!
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  12. Seattle Husker

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    Where is that occurring? My sons took many AP classes and earned grades all over the spectrum, including "F". The only benefit they received from schools when applying is California state system gave bonus points on the GPA for AP classes. One son who had enough AP credits to start as a Sophomore applied to Georgetown, Villanova and Boston U (and 17 West Coast schools) and didn't get any grade benefit for AP classes outside of UC system. In the end, they needed to pass the AP exams to get credit that could be applied to college.
  13. SabreHorn

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    HISD, NFISD (no longer exists), PAISD, Beaumont ISD, Orange, every ISD in Galveston County & Brazoria County, NOLA, and anywhere with coaches having large minority population. First place I encountered it was in the early 80s at Booker T Washington in Houston.

    Again, no grade lower than a C in AP classes are given, which shows on transcript as a B.

    Having someone else take the SAT is as old as the test itself. Joe Thomas from Arlington made less than 600, took it a second time and hit 1300+. Even the idiots at the NCAA figured out something might be off, and sent him to juco, then Nebraska, then NFL.

    Older Ags swear that I took Butch Hadnot's SAT. I always tell them that Butch would never have scored that high if I had taken the test for him.
  14. Mr. Deez

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