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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Bill in Sinton, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Bill in Sinton

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    the last time Oklahoma scored over 60 points against us was in 2003 and many wanted to get rid of Coach Brown but 2 years later we were playing for and won the NC. We must be careful. FWHorn made some good points so we must reconsider. We must not be hasty.
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    You have to remember that 3 years prior to '03, they scored 63 on us. You have to remember that 1 year ago, they scored 55 on us. You have to remember than Vince Youngs and Colt McCoys don't grow on trees.

    Fire. His. ***.
  3. Countryhorn

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    This is different on so many levels ...

  4. Leeroy Jenkins

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    I'm not sure exactly what's changed, but it's a different situation now. Back then, there was still hope that Mack could solve the puzzle that was OU and turn things around. I think most people have lost hope now. And that's a bad thing. For Mack Brown.
  5. lanceut

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    I'm not buying what Mack is selling this time and neither are most of the longtime fans. Three straight years of mediocre football and two consecutive blowout losses to OU makes this situation altogether different than the way things were going in 2003. Saturday was the beginning of the end of the Mack Brown era whether Mack himself realizes it yet or not...
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  7. Bill in Sinton

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    The thing is we have to be calm, cool, collected, patient and careful. Let's not be hasty. Remember we lost to USC four times before we won the 2006 Rose Bowl and 2 of those loses was when our great Coach Royal was coaching. Then Coach Brown beat USC in that Rose Bowl and won us the NC. Let's meditate on that for a while.
  8. Chest Rockwell

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    With the absence of aTm on the schedule, competing and beating OU take on more importance now.

    But this has nothing to do with that. This has everthing to do with watching an unmotivated and undisciplined team get completely intimidated and outplayed in every aspect. I'm not sure what Mack's pre-game speech was to get his guys ready, but it had the same effect as telling them their parents were in a car-crash and we'll talk about it more in 3 hours.
  9. El Sapo

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    Mack Brown has been taking Prime Tenderloin, serving up chipped beef with gravy, and trying to tell us it's Chateaubriand for far too long.

    This time the cupboard is bare and we already know the man can't cook. It's over.
  10. Rex Kramer

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  11. dillohorn

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    The long honeymoon with Mack is over. For the vast majority of fans, I see no going back to the way it had been.
  12. Unques prist

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    Brown had an open check book to hire the best and brightest coaches to overhaul the 2010 debacle. He failed miserably. Therefore, he needs to be fired along with the rest of the coaching staff. [​IMG]
  13. lanceut

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  14. dillohorn

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    The Brown presser today reminded me of a man erroniously digging in a hole and he just keeps on digging.
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    I think the landscape has changed now from 2000-2003, the "plan" with the new Mack, program changes, new coaches, etc. has largely not worked. ou just put a huge exclamation point on it. To use a cliche: the writing is on the wall... unfortuantely. The exit could end well for Mack or this could be like the Bowden exit and end poorly for everyone.
  18. wewokahorn

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  19. hollisdude

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    IF comparing 2003 to 2012 were in any way an indication of what to expect, I might go along with that. But there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to think that either are comparable.

    To look at what's happened on the field over the past 2 1/2 seaons - you have to be real. It is what it is. And what is it .... it is some of the worst fundamental football executed badly under Mack.

    Sorry, but this is not a team that's trying to figure out their schemes, or assignments. There are glaring mistakes being made in some of the most elementary phases of this game.

    I'm just telling you what your eyes are already seeing .... this is a horribly coached football squad, in every phase. Sad, man.
  20. beijinghorn1

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    Mike Stoops was at OU from 99-03. UT won in 1999. It is only going to get worse. I like Mack and I really hope he walks away before this gets too ugly.
  21. BevoJoe

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    I like Mack and would rather him walk away and have a chance to become one of those legendary coaches like DKR. The fans are still excited to see him on the 40 Acres nearly 40 years after he decided to retire. The other alternative is he stays way too long and is remembered as a coach that had to be fired and run off and no one wants to have him come around ever again.
  22. lanceut

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  23. Branyon

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    During 1999 to 2003 Texas out recruited everyone in the country. The 2002 class was probably the most talented ever. The recruits in that group who didn't make it in, flunked out or had personal problems would have been a top 15 class alone.

    The roster had tremendous quality depth across the board. The current roster does not have the depth, let alone quality, that was on campus in 2003, not even close.
  24. Joe2005

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    Back in 2003, Texas was winning 10 games fairly consistently - they just couldn't beat OU. Now, they can't beat OU, Baylor, or any number of other teams. Slight difference, unless you believe they are on their way to a 10 win season again.

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