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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by brwhorn, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. brwhorn

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    I'm hearing Urban Meyer to OC for Texas. He loves the game, just not the politics and pressure of head coach. He has promised to mentor Major for this season so Major can take over next. OCIW.

    Also, I'm hearing a certain MD is going to be DC. He's bringing Jerry Gray to coach DB's, and Randy Shannon for LB's. Either Shannon or Gray will take over as DC next year. DCIW. Now some of you might not know this MD character, but he sure knows how to do the Super Bowl Shuffle.

    I'm also hearing other things, and sometimes I wish the voices would stop.... [​IMG]
  2. even though it's a chain, jason's deli is pretty good and i usually get the new york yankee with a little extra cheese.
  3. YoLaDu

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    you are right. i did hear the above here first.
  4. HatDaddy

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    drinking early eh?
  5. TexasGolf

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  6. omnipresent

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    Are you buying that stuff by the gram or ounce? Seems potent
  7. TexasGolf

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    if you don't have enough for everyone, you shouldn't bring any at all. [​IMG]
  9. westexas

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    Don't forget that VY has been granted one more year of eligibility.
  11. RomaVicta

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    I have a Rudy's gift card, so maybe bbq for lunch. Not the best in the world, but their chocolate pudding is the best I've ever had.
  12. Strange Tex

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    Who would win in a battle between MD and a hurricane named "Hurricane D"?

    "I'M LOKING!"
  13. PropositionJoe

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    the new york yankee is very good. chili sounds great right now.

    a new indian restaurant just opened up in town, and i have to say, it's pretty darn good as well.
  14. huisache

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    John Unitas is going to be coaching qbs and Bronco Nagurski will take over duties as running backs coach.

    Some guy named Katuzov will handle defense.
  15. Pentaconta

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    I heard we're getting Bill Cowher and Jimmy Johnson as assistants, too.

    Oh wait, this isn't Texags? My bad.
  16. Clean

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    The UT Coaching staff salaries would double the state of Texas' deficit from 18 billion to 36 billion if these predictions came true.
  17. BevoNation

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  18. 2feathers

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    OK guys, who would win a contest between Chuck Norris and a two inch tall Ditka?


    "Yeah, I gotta go with Ditka"
  19. Chalupa72

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    What deficit? We'll just pass a law making it mandatory for everyone in Texas to donate to the LHF and buy season tickets. Problem solved!
  20. BevoJoe

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    Late, Late last night I heard what sounded like some breaking news on the situation, but it turned out to only be a dog barking.
  21. South Austin

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    Lou Ferrigno as Strengh & Conditioning Coach. He will teach our players how to play angry.

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