You Just Can't Get Enough Of This...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by dfwhorn, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. dfwhorn

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    I realize it was two years ago...

    THE greatest year in college football.

    THE greatest team in college football.

    You just can't get enough of this...
    The Link
  2. dfwhorn

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    And may I say I love and miss Brian Robison.
  3. Hobbes2702

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    I miss having a defense that loved to hit. That D was beast. Everyone on that team just liked destroying people. Watch their highlight video from that year and there are many huge hits. Man I miss that D.
  4. dfwhorn

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    Years ago something told Mack that he needed to elevate the D. It won him a national championship. That, and the best offensive line and quarterback in the history of the game.

    But regarding defence, the MF'er may take it to another level soon...
  5. HornHuskerDad

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  6. cinchhorn

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    I hope I see the same this year with pressure from the line and corner blitzes. 2008 is going to be fun!
  7. Bevo71

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    Loved seeing state of Texas defector Adrian (OU wins National Championships) Peterson rubbing his scalp and face in disbelief and bewilderment.
  8. genuinelsutiger

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    Probably the best and most exciting college football game I have ever seen. And, yes, I was pulling hard for the Horns that night.
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    Don't you have friends of your own to play with?
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    I have watched my tapes and DVD's of that season and Robison is a BEAST. Speaking of hits... on of my favorites among many in '05 is Cedric Griffins' teeth jarring hit on the tOSU tight end when he thought he was going to snag that bobbled TD pass in the End Zone.

    Another fav is Robison pile-driving Bomar into the turf while Big Daddy Wright scoops up the fumble and rumbles to the sooner End Zone for the finishing touch on a 45-12 beatdown of the land thieves.
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