You just got Tuckered

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Hu_Fan, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Hu_Fan

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    With the big game weekend coming around, and Justin Tucker (undrafted, can you believe that) in position to maybe do some great things again... here is one of the most fun videos of the Great Moment.

    There are a few of us fans who have been known to do some really crazy prancing and Mojo stuff in the "den" during key moments of a game. Including self-embarrassing celebrations upon victory. I have.

    Here you go... YouTube -- 3:06 runtime -- The Game Winner

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    fyi... I'm predicting a Ravens win. I think they get it done and figure out a way to contain Kaepernick. If it's a defensive struggle, Tucker may account for 9 to 12 points.
  2. WorsterMan

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    27-25 [​IMG]
  3. agssuk

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    Better than being Munsoned!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. dillohorn

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    This never gets old. [​IMG]
  5. TheGallopinGoose

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    Worster's pic makes it look like that kick was awfully close to getting blocked
  6. Texas___Fight

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    Worster FTW!!!! [​IMG]
  7. arieshorn

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    Does he just kick field goals for the Ravens or does he do his rugby punts for them too? Man you really don't know how good you have it with a good FG kicker until they graduate. How many misses did we have this past season? [​IMG]
  8. johnnyg88

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    Love it...just flat out love that video...this could have been me!
  9. WorsterMan

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    I think Tucker kicked off to the right in this photo - don't think the hands up by DL is a close as it looks in this photo [​IMG]
  10. baoklhorn

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    Nice Work WorsterMan and Hu Fan

    Since I am a discouraged Cowboy fan, I will be pulling for Ravens big time. No way do I want 49'ers winning their sixth before the Cowboys do.

    Yes, Jerruh is "full blown NUTZ".

    Go Ravens

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