You only get so many timeouts

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Max Powers, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Max Powers

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    Who else was thinking this when Aaron Bruce called the timeout for Baylor?
    The Link

    AJ only made 1 of 2, but in the end who cares...
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  3. l00p

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    I did not click on the link but assume it is of Chris "timeout" Weber.
  4. Bob in Houston

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    I don't see where the extra timeout was a big deal.

    Instead, it would have been a turnover, and at that point, there would have been a foul, and someone would have hit one of two.

    A couple of seconds difference is all.

    Now, under the rules in effect when Webber did his, it was a big deal, because that was two shots and the ball.
  5. SomeMildLanguage

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    It SHOULD be two shots and the ball. Otherwise, there's a perverse incentive to call a timeout even when you don't have one to call.
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  7. LagoHorn

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    from the video "That will give North Carolina 2 shots and the ball."

    When did this rule change? Or did the refs blow yet another call in that game?
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  9. CleverNickname

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    Lets say you are down 1. No timeouts. In bounds. 5.. 4.. 3... 2... 1... The defense is smoothering. A pass is a certain turnover. Timeout. Two shots, at worst down by 3. And since its a technical, for some reason the refs give the coaches a chance to huddle up and draw up the perfect 3 pt shot.
  10. Bob in Houston

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  11. accuratehorn

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    Strange situation. I didn't know the rule had been changed. It is almost worth it to intentionally commit this infraction at times, and this was one of them. It really didn't hurt Baylor, might have helped them.
  12. uisge beatha

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    I wasn't aware of the rule change. When he called the TO, I thought the game was over 'cause we'd get the ball. And noone I talked to today realized the rule had changed
  13. SomeMildLanguage

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    "Why do they so often change rules that don't need changing?" is the question here.

    What is the rule if you are in bounds with the ball and call timeout? A technical foul and a turnover? Or a technical foul but you get to keep the ball?

    The Chris Webber moment is such an important moment in college basketball history, it's strange that they would change this rule.
  14. SL Xpress

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    There is no doubt I would have rather Texas get the ball in that situation from a 5 second call, than get 2 free throws with Baylor then having a fresh 5 seconds to inbound the ball.

    I went a little ballistic in the stands, but Barnes was calm and composed, so I assumed the refs must have got the call right.

    Of course, with the way Texas was inbounding the ball, it might have been a case of "be careful what you wish for."

    Still, bad rule.
  15. DRAG69

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    I think the rule now is a technical is a 2 shot foul but the ball goes to whomever had the ball at the time of the technical. The only exception to this is a flagrant foul or an intentional foul. I think in both of these instances the team that is fouled gets two free throws and the ball.

    But hell I don't have a clue if I am right.
  16. Jeevsie

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    Just love the fact that that will forever be "pulling a Webber."
  17. ghost

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    Bruce had a rough week with that bonehead play and then then fouling the 3pt shooter against OU last night. He cost his team again.
  18. BaylorPilot

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    i really feel sorry for him. its got to be hard to walk around campus now.
  19. SL Xpress

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    I feel sorry for him that he plays for Scott Drew.

    It'll be interesting to see if Drew gets another kid from Australia any time soon. They've already lost Matok.
  20. DKR777

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  21. SomeMildLanguage

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    If Bruce doesn't call a timeout, it's a 5-second call. UT ball. Texas then inbounds the ball. Dribbles. Time goes off the clock. Baylor fouls. Texas shoots freethrows. Baylor gets the ball back. Baylor has to then advance the ball all the way up the court, wasting more time.

    Calling timeout under the new rules helped them because, instead of giving UT the ball and having to foul a UT player after time has elapsed, they got the ball right back without any time ticking off the clock. Moreover, Baylor got the ball back under their own basket rather than under UT's basket, saving even more time.

    It's pretty clear why a technical foul in that instance was better than a 5 second call. Just think it through.

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