You stay classy, Cougar High

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Beau Vine, Jan 25, 2009.

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  3. watch again....

    he lifted his right knee before doing the stomp. the steps preceding the facial were normal. this was very intentional and if penders doesn't see what i see, he and coleman should be excused from the program and the school.

    what was worst were all the racist comments on that video youtub. how ******* sick are those people.
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    another noteworthy aspect is that Coleman is shown at the end of the clip apparently being congratulated by his teammates.
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    what is on that guy's neck?
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    gardere is right on. This is definitely flagrant! I hope the NCAA is also taking a real close look at this. Coleman needs to sit out a few games. Cougar high also needs to take action of their own.
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    Yeah, when you accidentally step on someone's head you usually don't just keep right on walking and not even bother to look down. Guy's a jackass and needs to be suspended.
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    I agree that his teammates giving him props after being ejected doesn't help his cause. I think that any normal human being, knowing that a person in laying in your path would usually take a longer stride to avoid hitting the person. But he just casually strolls along as if he had no idea and lifts his head up to make it look unintentional. And he wasn't "turning around to see the call"
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    This appears to be one of those cases where the camera doesn't lie.
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    I would urge everybody to follow Hymie's link.

    I don't see the intentional foul, I see a klutzy move that resulted in an ugly incident. And Hymie knows I'm pretty quick to jump on the Cougars athletics program for their many, many, many faults. I just don't think the guy stomped Buddinger intentionally.
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    He knew he was there.

    If he intended to miss him, he would have looked down to make sure. Instead, he glanced down, bent his leg to make sure he wouldn't trip, and lifted his head so that he couldn't be sure what happened.

    I wouldn't say he tried to step on him, but I would say he was indifferent.
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    Agreed, it goes completely outside the realm of normal human behavior to NOT look down when you know full well something is under your feet- particularly when your momentum is carrying you downcourt like a basketball player. You want to protect yourself, looking up obviously doesn't do this. If you don't think this was intentional then I don't know what to tell you

    This guy is a thug and the media attention and critcism is rightfully falling down on him. Of course no one ever plans on doing something like this, but most people have the common sense and an IQ above 75 to understand that you refrain from acting out in the heat of the moment
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    I don't know how this can be considered to be anything BUT deliberate. He knew Budinger was on the floor. Just about everyone else would have made a greater effort to avoid stepping on the guy's face.

    A suspension is in order here.
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    I have no qualms about the guy getting some pretty harsh punishment from whatever governing bodies have authority, simply because the incident was severe, no matter if he was pissed off, indifferent, or just the biggest klutz in the gym at that moment.

    I look at the tape and just don't see a guy who's pissed off and has bad intentions.
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    The guy meant it, c'mon. He looked him in the eye, looked up and stepped on his ******* face. Don't know if he thought no one was looking or what, but I believe he knew exactly what he was doing.

    Reminds me slightly of Danny Ainge firing an inbound pass right into Mario Elie's face in the Western Conference Finals many moons ago.
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    I don't think he did it with premeditation.

    I do think he did it intentionally.

    This to me can be likened to a situation where a football player tosses the football in the general direction of his opponent and it strikes him in the face. He gets called for Unnecessary roughness. Basically, its a heat of the moment thing. He just got called for a questionable foul in a heated game in the 4th quarter. He reacted very poorly.
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    I think he tried to step over him, half-heartedly, and didn't give a **** when he actually stepped on him. Did he intend to step on his face? Probably not. Did he try not to? Probably not.
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    It looks like he intended to step over his face as a gesture of intimidation and stepped on the dude's head. I don't think that makes it much better. Still a ****** move.
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    I tend to agree with the Saint and 1leggedduck. Looks like he tried to step over him, but didn't really try all that hard.
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    Typical Tom Penders. I'm glad he's gone.
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    Psssst. That wasn't Tom Penders.
  27. with the way he lifted that right leg so high and the speed in which it came down compared to the few steps before the incident leads me to believe he knew what he was doing.

    i watched hymie's video and didn't buy it. he had time to think of an excuse. what would you expect him to say? of course he'll apologize... but watching him take congratulatory after the incident from teammates is enough for me to realize it wasn't an accident.
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    almost had the same incident in early stages of gooners and okie lite tonight. refs had let the game get a little too physical and one of the gooners kicked the okie st boy and when he got up it looked like he wanted to step on the gooner but thought better of it and jumped over him.

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
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    Watched the apology video and the guy prays and goes to church so there is no way he did it on purpose.

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