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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by tbone, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. TrashMaster G

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    That game is one of my best memories as a fan. My wife and I drove down for the game, what an electric atmosphere that day/evening.
  2. Bevoette

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    sorry you're wrong.. I did'nt like it !

    I LOVED it ! I was watching that game from Plymouth MA. awesome game ! .. I missed all the corps beating fans at the end thank goodness..
  3. chuychanga

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    I think I remember reading that Ricky had more yards against the aggies than against any other team he faced.
  4. tj11_hookem

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  5. WashU-Horn

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    Following this win, WashU-Horn, a freshman, drove around the drag in his 1984 chamapign Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham honking the eyes of Texas. He could barely see, the windshield read:

    16-6 Gig this!
  6. ngnichols

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  7. WorsterMan

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    This was sweetness as the Horns totally dominated this game after losing 4 straight to these trolls. I don't know to this day how James Brown played as he could barely walk the week before the game. Westbrook had some bone-crushing hits and Ricky was nails that day.

    It was the last game during the SWC era. aggy fans were just disgustingly obnoxious and stupid in those days and it was good to finally stick one in their eye at Pyle [​IMG]
  8. Aragorn

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    Great video. The defense was ridiculous that day. 6 turnovers! [​IMG] The "personal foul" call against Westbrook was ridiculous too. That wasn't even remotely a personal foul.
  9. Longhorn_Fan68

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    You were right. I did like that.
  10. p_town_horn

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  11. rtchorn

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    Last SWC Champion. First Big 12 Champion.
  12. madscientist

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    i suppose it was the achilles injury, but after 1996 i was sure that bryant westbrook was going to be in the nfl hall of fame. that hit, and the randy kinder hit the next year, are two of the greatest hits i've ever seen. and the man could cover.
  13. marley

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    Great sig, Rip76.
  14. Uncle Rico

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    will never forget that game. mackovic sucked but that was allsomeness at it's most allsome
  15. Oranjello

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    This video sits well with me. One of the greatest games I've ever attended. So funny to see aggy student reaction to the first home loss they had ever seen live and in person.

    Say what you want about Mackovic, but grant him this, he managed to turn the corner on aggy with the '95-'96 wins over those no good FedEx cheating pieces of ****.
  16. lkainer

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    Wow! Great game. Forgot about Stoney Clark clocking people. Hard hitting at its best.

  17. 2feathers

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    That was fun [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  18. Pop

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    Ricky was awesome! Its hard to believe that game was over 12 years ago. I remember our game in Austin with the Ags during his senior year when he broke the 60+ yd TD run to break the college record...what a great game and crowd that day as well.


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