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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Austin_Bill, Nov 18, 2019.

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    I"m glad to hear this. Reminds me of a response Dodds made to one of my letters to the AD ... just a "slick wing" Captain (O-3) fighter pilot ... he called the duty desk (IDK where he got the number, wifee never fessed-up to it) "Captain Vinson, call at the desk for you; DeLoss Dodds"

    This was during the Mackovic morass in '97 ... didn't say anything about a coaching change ... but I told him I supported that. Can't have a HC dispatch a coordinator like Leon Fuller for speaking the truth. He needs to acknowledge that IS the truth and fix the offense/scheme/playcalling.

    Who knew Mack and I would be leaving North Carolina for Texas simultaneously with our Penske moving vans? ;)

    perhaps this means something more than placating???
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  2. Statalyzer

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    Because we gave them the ball back. And, yes, I said "gave" intentionally.
  3. Galvestonhorn

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    Thats interesting. What CDC said regarding Dabo at Clemson is the same thing I said in the "Herman is the problem" thread back on Oct 29. And HIC had issues with it then and still does. LOL
  4. Austin_Bill

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    To be honest, he made a valid point. I think we can all agree that Dabo is a statistical outlier for college football coaches.
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  5. n64ra

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    Viewing Dabo doesn't look good for Tom. First, I don't think it's fair to count Dabo's half season as season one, which was done here. He had 10 wins his third full year. Ok - Tom had that year two. There was a one season Dabo drop off, which Tom is certainly having here, but after that Dabo won 10 games in nine consecutive years. Do we honestly expect Tom to win 10 games next year?
  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Do I expect it? Yes.

    Do I believe it will happen? No
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  7. Denmark

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    We beat ou in year 2 and were in CC game year 2...however we've fallen apart in year 3. Not quite back yet yall.
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  8. Austin_Bill

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    Tom has zero excuses next year. We are no longer young on defense. We have a senior QB and experience all over the field. Anything less than a conference championship and a playoff birth is unacceptable.

    Our receivers will take a hit, but we still return a lot of talent. Same with the offensive line. Offensively we have enough talent to score lots and lots of points.

    Defensively we bring back all but 3 starters. plus a ton of experience behind them. There is no reason to not win every game.
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  9. BornOrange0855

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    If Herman has any sense, (and I think he does) he has to learn something from this season. If he is placing ALL of the blame on the players, injuries, assistants, he's missing the boat. He may not be the total problem, but he's definitely part of it. I hope he's got the intelligence to do some self evaluating and is open to some constructive criticism.
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  10. nashhorn

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    Every game AB, really? No dynamic RB, Eagles the only proven receiver, who’s our stud LB again, and pass rusher? Better than this year yeah but undefeated, come on man.
  11. Austin_Bill

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    Lets look at every position.

    QB Sam is back as a senior, Roshon/Casey Thompson will be his backup. Until something changes we are in the best position here since Vince was here.

    RB Ingram will be a junior, we will have senior Daniel Young. Barring a position change we should be getting Whittington back. Add to that Bijan Robinson (if he signs with us), and you have a heck of a backfield.

    WR - Jake Smith, and Brennon Eagles will be our top two receivers with Epps also getting a lot of playing time. We will know more about Marcus Washington and Kennedy Lewis in the spring.

    TE - Lots of talented guys, again we will know more in the spring but Charlie Brewer, Reese Leitao, and Jared Wiley were all contributors. Don't forget we redshirted Braydon Liebrock.

    Oline - We bring back Starters Junior Angilau, Derek Kerrstetter, and Sam Cosmi. We will see what we have with Tyler Johnson, Willie Tyler, Isaiah Hookfin, Christian Jones, and Rafiti Ghirmai.

    DE - we bring back Marcus Bimage Jacoby Jones, and we will see what we got with Myron Warren. I think you will see some freshmen make an impact here.

    DT/NG - We are steep and deep with talent here. Coburn, Graham, Ojomo, and Sweat.

    LBs - Ossai was our best defensive player this year. Ayodele Adeoye will be right there with him. As of now Juwon Mitchell is still on the team, not sure what the story with him is, but he has also played well. We will see what David Gbenda brings in the spring and again we have some freshmen coming in that can help.

    Safety - We bring back everyone but Brandon Jones.
    CB We bring back everyone.
    Dbs is more of a matter of those guys just getting better. And hopefully getting better coaching.

    The one aspect of our team that I have no answers for is pass rush, I just don't know how we are going to do it. I could see Ossai moving to Rush end but that would weaken our linebackers. I'm hoping we can find someone in the transfer portal or in juco.

    I still feel like we are better off running a 4-2-5 defense.

    I will stick to what I said, we have the talent, we just need the coaching. I fully expect us to win every game next year.
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  12. ShAArk92

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    especially THIS ^^^
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  13. ViperHorn

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    If given a chance Orlando would have countered that effectively that is what he was running. 3 down and a blitzer. Technically he might have a point, but not when the blitzer was so far off the LOS that he had to give away the scheme just to get to the LOS before the play was dead.

    Much better to use the four with stunts and swirls and release a backer into short-range pass defense.
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  14. nashhorn

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    All I would counter is there are so many “we will see” in there plus how much we missed LJH this year and how much we will miss Duv. And I definitely disagree with your assessment of how much CJ contributed. Even though his playing time was limited he was a weapon when on the field.
  15. Austin_Bill

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    LJH and Duv were both products of the system and Sam's comfort zone with throwing to that position. Move CJ to the slot and he would have had 105 catches as well. I am not taking away anything from either of those two guys, it's just that Sam leans on the guy in that position more than anyone else.

    Mark my words, whoever is taking over for Duv next year will have just as much success, my guess is Jake Smith.
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  16. nashhorn

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    I am hoping.
  17. Chest Rockwell

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    While I hope you are right, let's not discredit what Duvernay has meant to this team. He leads by example, he catches everything thrown to him, runs as hard as any RB and was the most dependable player on the team this year. I think Jake is going to be a heckuva player, but those are some big shoes to fill.
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  18. WorsterMan

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  19. Austin_Bill

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    Oh no, I'm in full agreement with you about Duv, I'm just saying that the guy who occupies that slot position is going to get a lot of balls thrown to him because that is where Sam is most comfortable.

    Over the last 2 seasons, Sam has completed over 200 passes to the guys that have played in that position.
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  20. Chop

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    Re: WRs. Washington is going to be good.
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  21. RTM4

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    Awesome, looks like your little talk with the big chief paid dividends. I probably would have blocked his call thinking it was some overseas scam.


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