Your pet peeve about college basketball

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by bierce, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. bierce

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    Mine is those damn TV timeouts with the first deadball after a team has called a timeout. Invariably, we are treated to 15 seconds of action before it's back to the sales pitches.
  2. Statalyzer

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    Something about college basketball specifically that's not true about HS / NBA / international ball?
  3. updog07

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  4. Larry T. Spider

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    Its true at all levels, but I hate that the last minute of a close game takes 20 mins in real time. We lose exciting, fast paced finishes to free throw shooting contests.
  5. Heretic Horn

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    #1 Tie ups decided by alternating possessions. C'mon man - how about a jump ball?

    #2 Ed Hightower
  6. Owlhorn

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    - constant interruptions in play because of the fouls

    - last two minutes taking forever no matter the score.

    - fired up rivals playing 1000x above their head, then sucking against the rest of the conference
  7. Bluepies

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    Like everyone else, fouling or taking a timeout on every possession in the last two minutes.

    Proposed rule changes:
    You get three timeouts per half, not five.
    ENFORCE the intentional foul call. Everyone and their dog knows that every foul committed by a losing team in the last two minutes is intentional. Call them as such and they will no longer gain an advantage. In the interest of fairness and sportsmanship, there should be no such thing as a smart or strategic foul. That, and watching a free throw contest at the end of every game is obnoxious.
    If that doesn't work, once in the double bonus, fouls behind the three point line get three foul shots.
  8. Larry T. Spider

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  9. scottnaustin

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    Brent Musberger....
  10. Games that always run 10 minutes over into the ONE game I wanna watch...
  11. Nuclear Bear

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    Ive never been a huge fan of college basketball and one of my biggest reasons is the 35 second shot clock.

    Makes the game way to slow.
  12. adUTleander

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  13. Hornoholic

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    The 18 timeouts per game kinda bugs me.

    8 tv timeouts + 5 per team.
  14. accuratehorn

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    The main problem is the players leaving so early for the pros. This is a sport I will never have the depth of feeling for like I do college football. One year, then pro? How much of a fan can you become for any player with that going on?
    Secondly, the last minute or two can be very anti-climactic, as several have already mentioned. Borrrrrrring.
  15. Statalyzer

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    Jump balls decided by alternating possessions.

    Too short of a 3-point line still ... it's closer to the high school / middle school line than it is to the NBA line.
  16. txhorn2010

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    Dick Vitale, Dick Vitale, and Dick Vitale
  17. UTExinPDX

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    That the season doesn't last an entire calendar year...I could watch college basketball every day.

    Really, it's the one-and-done season that players utilize to jump to the NBA (sorry KD!). Wish there were a two year minimum at least.
  18. rickysrun

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    that they think opening the tournament to 96 teams is a good idea.
  19. Statalyzer

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  20. old65horn

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    not having won a Nat'l Championship.

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