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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by FirstTimeLurker, Feb 10, 2008.

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    many years ago I worked at 111 Congress in Austin and had to park the car in the garage across the street. Then the dreaded walk to the office which involved

    1. walk from car to elevator (or stairs if elevator was taking too long)
    2. from basement elevator level to escalator
    3. from escalator to new set of elevators (wait, wait, wait)
    4. go up elevator many floors, wait for people to get off
    5. get to office reception area, then walk about 100 feet to office desk.

    Probably 8-10 minutes.

    I'm sure some of you have longer "walk commutes" and want to hear about it.

    You know each minute of workday = 240 minutes of a year = 4 hours. I figure I wasted 40 hours of a year walking from car to office desk, an entire work week!!
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    I park in a garage in downtown Dallas that's a block from my building. I walk from my car to the stairs and take them either 4 floors to the skybridge (if it's freezing cold or raining) or 7 floors to the street. I then walk to the building, and take the elevator 40+ flights up.

    Less than 5 minutes.
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    Less than 30 seconds from taking keys from ignition to firing up the computer.

    Of course that comes after a 21-25 minute, 17 mile drive.
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    lock bike, climb 9 floors of stairs, 5 minutes
  7. FirstTimeLurker

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    I win:

    Walk from house to subway = 1/2mile

    Stand up on subway entire time = 20min

    Walk from subway to building = 8 min (maybe 1/4 mile..not much)

    Wait in elevator line to go up to 16th floor after all the fat people take it to the 2nd and 3rd floor.

    Then -- do it all in reverse to get home.
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    Two minute drive from home to work (depending on the stoplight), 30 yard walk from parking place to desk. 10 seconds to sign on to Hornfans.
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    The server upgrades have really increased my efficiency at slacking off at work. [​IMG]
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    Sorry guys, I work from home so it is about a 10 foot walk. My company lets me telecommute.
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    Get up at 7:59, walk from bedroom across hall to office, get to work before 8am
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    My drive is only about 5 minutes, but the walk from the parking lot takes 10-15 minutes.

    Sometimes I forget that most of you are on the clock while reading and posting. I hope to get a job soon that allows such behavior.
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    Once a week I drive from south Austin to the San Antonio airport - 1 hour 10 minutes. I park in an employee lot and wait a few minutes for a shuttle to pick me up. 5 minute ride to the terminal. A few minutes to get through security and a 5 minute walk to our crew room.

    I usually leave my house two hours prior and end up getting there 15 or 20 minutes early. But I only make that trip once a week.

    Four days later I make the trip back home.
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    The time walking from the garage to the building can be considered quality time, as I read the paper and scope out all of the hot *** making the same walk.
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    I am only parked 10 feet from my computer but........

    I live on the Cedar Park/Leander city limits and work right off Ben White and Burleson. So my commute is about 40 minutes early in the morning but over an hour going home at 5PM, if there are no wrecks and it is not raining. If it is it can take 90 minutes.
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    I drive right into my cubicle.
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    -Drive is about 25 minutes for a 12 mile commute.
    -Park in the garage, usually get a spot on the 2nd floor
    -Walk down 2 flights of stairs
    -Walk across the walkway to my building
    -Wait in the lobby for an elevator
    -Ride it to the top floor
    -In my cube about 15 minutes after I left my car in the garage.

    So it takes me almost as long to park and get to my cube, as it does to drive 12 miles form home to work [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    No one told me I was gonna have to know math to be able to keep up with Esther's Follies. Damnit!
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    a 2 minute drive usually means about 1 mile which can take 15 - 20 minutes to walk. This is just too time consuming in the tight morning pressure and as stated, will make you break out into a big sweat in the TX summers.
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    I have a fortunate commute time and fortunate parking situation by DC standards. However, since no one else mentioned it, I have to deal with magnetometers every morning. Adds a minute or two or more if there's a line.

    I suspect I could get a few hours back every year if I didn't have that, and my briefcase might be less irradiated.

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