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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Clean, Mar 20, 2011.

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    coaching was in issue in this game. if you don't think so, you are in denial. the timeout that jordan called, the inbounds, and bringing the ball up the court slowly on the final play. that shot needs to happen with more a little more time on the clock. did you hear that stat at the end? texas has failed to reach the sweet 16 in 4 of the last 5 years. coaching is an issue.
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    Our players deserved to lose this game. I hate to say it but our guys are an embarasement. Mistake after mistake. No one can rebound. Only good thing is that none of these guys are NBA ready. I am glad this season is over.

    Now on to football. [​IMG]
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    Yeah, it was Barnes' fault on the 5 sec call. Talk about some of the other issues but that's stretching it.
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    Bummer we lost and we had it in our control for another outcome. For a team that was inked into the NIT preseason I salute them on a great season. They peaked a bit early or something but still, they overachieved and I applaud them for it as a Longhorn fan.

    Dogus, thank you for all you have given to the program and team.

    I look forward to next season to see what kinks they work out and how the new guys take to their roles, whatever those roles will be.

    Hook 'em!
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    Two bonehead plays at the end of the game killed us. The time out by Hamilton and then the five second call.

    Neither of those should have happened. Hamilton must have been told to call the timeout by the bench prior to the play, otherwise why in god's name call the time out.

    Oh well. Woulda coulda shoulda.
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    Yes, there were mistakes at the end, but the officiating was poor. I timed the "5 second" play and he called timeout at 4.5 seconds. Ball game right there. Also, JB was obviously pushed on his final drive. No call.
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    Look at the bright side. Duke would have George Masoned us. lol
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    These analysts are so weak-kneed... they don't want to "go there." It's a ******* foul you moron....
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    How can they say "it's not clear there was a foul". What a dumb *** thing to say.
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    Classy post 100p
    this one hurts --- alot.
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    Please rewind it: Ref is at the 4 count.... never gets to the 5 count. Just blows his whistle dramatically as Joseph turns to ref and tries to call timeout. Another "LOOK AT ME" call. Similar to Burr and the other officials I've seen in this tournament.
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    Well said 100p. The sorrow is but a fading memory to me already.
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    How can the TV guys say there was no foul on Brown? He was shoved a foot or so to the side. But he should have stopped and shot a jumper instead of trying to get a foul called. They always swallow the whistle.
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    I'm out of Rick Barnes jokes.
    -Bill Simmons 2 mins ago
    Hurts, but point taken.
    1. No presence by Jordan. Know the situation - time and score and let the foul you ... assuming you have a pair.
    2. I thought Cory got a short 5 count. Regardless, the last thing the coaches should tell him is if it's not there at 3, use the TO.
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    I think that was Burt...

    I've never seen a studio analyst so aggressive in getting everyone to admit on air that the refs got it right...
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    Like they said about Hamilton and that last shot, square up and take it like a man and they call a charge.
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    I do hate to lay it on one player, but I said many games ago that as Hamilton goes, so go the Horns. No greater proof of that than this game.
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    Everybody screwed up at the end. The Horns, Zona and the refs. The 5 second call was huge. The ref should not have blown his whistle until 5 seconds. He made movements before 5 and made the call early. Game was all but won and we gave up the lead.

    Still, as said in an earlier game, because of technology we see things the refs miss. We have more exact timing than the refs are able to effectively determine.
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    UT got every call in the 2nd half for 19 minutes and 30 seconds. Brown was sent to the line for minimal contact.

    Funny that refs calls cost the horns the game, when it was the thing that put/kept them in it...
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    [q]Still, as said in an earlier game, because of technology we see things the refs miss. We have more exact timing than the refs are able to effectively determine.[/q]

    So then give the twenty year old the benefit of the doubt unless you are on the Zona moneyline. I guarantee on a lie detector he says he blew it
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    Of course, how do you let a ref call in the tournament that got kicked out of the Big East tournament? Good old boy network, regardless of what they say.
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    Is this now 3 years in a row of underachievement in the tourny?

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