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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Clean, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Barnes has never "overachieved" in a tourney, so saying that he underachieved in a tournament this year doesn't give credit to what Barnes usually does in tournament time.
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    Hamilton played good enough. TT was double teamed the whole game. The adjustment came a little too late. J Brown almost pulled it out.

    5 second call and unwise time out. Game we shoulda won.

    Dammit. [​IMG]
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    Maybe my expectations are too high? Texas was ranked 8th in the AP and we belly ached for a week we should have been a 2-3 seed.

    I really though we were at least a sweet sixteen team [​IMG]
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    Okay. Sure thing. If you didn't see Brown get a couple of breaks on those calls, I don't know what to say..

    I am not an Arizona fan, just calling it as I see it...
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    what I saw was Brown getting calls that should be called routinuely in the game of basketball, but aren't. The entire body control foul issues in the NCAA need to be re looked at.
    I had a conversation with the head of BIG XII officiating earlier in the season about how this was stilll a major issue. He stated that he thought the block/charge foul is the hardest to call in the game, and I don't know that I disagree with that.
    For instance, look at the drive of Brown on the last play of the game. That looked to me like a clear body foul on the defender. He was clearly going into the offensive player. You just can't do that. Just as you can't put a hand on the offensive player. You can move your feet and beat the offensive player to a spot on the court and that spot is yours as a defender. This if often called incorrectly as well. He was to the side of Brown, which means you can't come up into him with your upper body. If he was between Brown the basket, I would have called it a charge. That was not th case. Brown was clearly fouled and should have been awarded shots from the charity stripe.
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    Just read where there is no 4 second rule on timeouts. The TV guys were wrong and now admitting it on twitter. Will be interesting to see if John Adams will admit it.
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