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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Kennedy Brown is from Kansas. She visited TCU on Saturday before making it to Austin on Sunday:

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    Premiere Basketball scout Shane Laflin on Samantha Brunelle at JLE:

    "I like to see what players in these events are the players that try to bring their team together even though they are in the camp as individuals. Every time Samantha Brunelle (2019 – VA) is on the floor, I see this. She plays on both ends of the floor, she communicates, and celebrates the positives of her teammates and encourages them after possible mistakes. She sets an example by moving without the ball and despite being one of the more capable players on the floor, shares the ball and takes appropriate shots. She is certainly one of the best shooters in the country. When in a catch and shoot situation, beware: she is almost automatic. She has an easy stroke with a smooth release."
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    I read another piece about what Sam Brunelle brings to the game. If I'm not dreaming, she scored 50 something in some big game (not shocking in some one-sided high school games), but what got me was that she was 28 or 28 from the free throw line. Now that is not an easy feat.....It's a long time away, but my fingers are crossed.
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    geez, those frosh numbers, esp. rebounding, are unreal. Love her GPA and the fact that she is interested in business and communications, two very strong schools at UT.
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    4, possibly 5, projected scholarships in that class, correct? Lashann, Jordan, Mide and Khaleann. I'm not sure about Jatarie's classification.
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    Think of Jatarie as a Sophomore from an eligibility standpoint, so yes, she is part of that 5.
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    Jatarie will have 2 more years of eligibility after she red shirts this year.
    Red shirt 16/17
    Plays 17/18 and 18/19
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    UConn has noticed Samantha
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    Ginger Reece, a 5-11 SF from Lawton, OK, took an unofficial to UT this weekend. 4-star player (Top 50) according to Prospects Nation.

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    Sam Brunelle at Wake Forest this weekend
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    Taylor Jones was at the game today.

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    Argyle beat Dallas Christian last night per the Dallas Morning News. Cant remember the score but was approx. 20 points. I also remember (kinda) that Gray had 31 and Taylor Jones (2019 center) had 19. Not sure they would have guarded each other as I think Gray is more a forward type and Jones is more a center. Wanted to go watch but couldn't. Maybe will be able to catch Jones in an after Christmas Tournament. Anybody with more information.........jump in here and share.
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    At the girls state tournament watching Pflugerville play Cypress Ranch! Pflugerville lost 70-53 but they have a 6'1" Sophomore post named London Clarkson who is one heck of a player! Reminds me of a very young Nneka! I'm sure Texas has there eye on her! Look forward to watching her progress.
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    Let's chat about 2019 recruits;

    Have any of you heard of Liz Scott, a 6' Wing from Klien Oak HS? She's listed as the #5 player on Prospect Nation. Anyone know if she has any interest in Texas (or vice versa)?

    Taylor Jones, rated #10 by Prospect Nation, has visited Texas a couple of times. She's a post, which will be a position of need for us as Jatarie White graduates and Sedona Prince will be the only true post on our roster. She must have Aggie lineage as I can recall her dad tweeting a humorous tweet to his Aggie friends about her attending a Longhorn football game. Do any of you have insight on T Jones?
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    I know Coach Aston has been following Taylor Jones for some time - follows her and her parents on Twitter. Taylor participated in the same Iron Sharpens Iron even that Lolo did, here were girlzprepreport comments:
    Taylor Jones-post- at 6’3 she can do quite a few things very well. Excellent timing enables her to block or alter shots, runs the floor and can catch the ball and finish while doing so. Also finishes in the paint, can face the basket and score, good rebounder and defender.

    As far as Liz Scott goes, haven't heard very much about her recruitment or really a lot about the 2019 class at all. I'm don't think that is really something to worry about - I think the really early commits/activity UT got in the 2018 class may not be the best measuring stick for other classes.
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    ESPN #18, PG Jaden Owens, has reopened her recruitment - had been committed to Travis Mays and SMU.

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    2019 seems so far away. But, I'm sure our staff knows which positions need to be addressed.

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