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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Badass, Jun 8, 2017.

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    Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Please be true! 247 says we are in the mix!

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    Not sure if that’s sarcasm but ain’t happenin unfortunately. We were mentioned at the end of a very long list in an article focused almost entirely on OSU and Bama
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    I didn’t mean to be sarcastic Omni. EJ was responding to the article. The article was about his last two visits. The way I took it was EJ was clarifying that we are in the mix too, notwithstanding the article about Oh St and Bama. But I wear burnt orange glasses! Work with me !
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  4. Joe Fan

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    WR Dylan Wright visited Notre Dame over the first weekend in Apr but doesnt sound like he was sold. The 247 ND guy (Tom Loy) even thinks Wright was there recruiting NaNa-Osafo-Mensah to Texas
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  5. Joe Fan

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    His announcement date is supposed to be May 19

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    Owen Pappoe: I recently spoke with someone close to 2019 5-Star OLB, Owen Pappoe (Loganville, GA) and was told that Pappoe will take an official visit to Texas on the final weekend of April, April 27th-29th.

    I’m told Pappoe plans to announce a decision sometime in early May which is, obviously, almost immediately after his visit to Texas.

    There have been rumors swirling about that Pappoe’s destination will ultimately be Auburn but getting him on campus with fellow teammate, Kenyatta Watson, who will also visit that weekend, certainly can’t hurt the Horns.

    Am also told that 4-star jumbo wide receiver and teammate, Kenyon Jackson plans also visit Texas along with Pappoe and Watson that same weekend. – (Super K)

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  7. Joe Fan

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    S Demani Richardson (aggy commit) and his family are planning to visit UT after he takes his OV to aggy this weekend.
    If so, will violate Jimbo's no visit policy.
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  8. Joe Fan

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    Tom Loy, the ND 247 guru, thinks Watson might not even make it to his scheduled OV to ND
    He suspects Kelly is getting ready to extend backup offers to other CBs.
  9. Joe Fan

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    Holland & Roach CBd Tongue to Texas.

    (jokes to follow)
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  10. Badass

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  11. Joe Fan

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    One of 10

  12. mchammer

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    I have friend who has a cousin in austin with a roommate who is a waiter at a restaurant that the coaches eat lunch on Friday. He says we are getting errbody.
  13. Badass

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    I think he is teamates with Makiya Tongue. Better connection than Mchammers lol
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  14. Joe Fan

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  15. Joe Fan

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    Great timing - lol - but Holland just said we are not getting Leal
  16. mchammer

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    Aggie crowing.
  17. Joe Fan

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    Holland also said a couple days ago, Leal was not even going to visit them

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  18. mchammer

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    Probably embarrassed to say so. I would feel likewise.
  19. Badass

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  20. Pomspoms

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    wait...did we lose Leal to the aggies? i know the longhorn nation doesnt want me to be a crybaby in this forum but that is a punch in my gut. I was really hoping for this guy. QUALITY Offense and defensive lines are the backbones of top five teams. (Now some are going to say every position needs to be top quality...ok) i am hoping it isn't true.:facepalm:
  21. mchammer

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    Let’s hope we get into CFP and aggies are 6-6 again.
  22. Joe Fan

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    5-star CB from Calif

  23. Joe Fan

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    5-star LB Owen Pappoe (of Grayson, GA) scored the highest SPARQ ever. He OVs to Texas Apr 27

    Kenyatta Watson also had great testing numbers this weekend, including a 45 inch vertical

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  24. Austin_Bill

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    Every time Leal drives to College Station he has to drive through Austin, that is going to be hell for him.

    Jimbo is fools gold, he is another version of Lloyd Carr, Gene Chizik, Phil Fulmer, and Larry Coker. He is a guy that was a good recruiter who could beat teams by superior talent, but caught fire with a superstar and won the NC. He was fading in FSU and bailed on them for a huge payday before he could get fired.

    You will see moving forward just how overrated he really was. I won't judge him over the next 3 seasons because he will be playing with Sumlin's guys, but after that you will not see much improvement, even when Saban is gone. I predict he will never win a conference championship or get to the playoffs while at A&M.
  25. I35

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    CORRECTION! They won their Spring Game. That makes them 7-6 for the 2018 season. :smile1:
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  26. 4th_floor

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    No wonder aggy is so excited about Jimbo.
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  27. SabreHorn

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    Fi$sher was never and never will be a good recruiter. He had a couple of decent years in Tallahassee with Coach Bowden's players.

    He is not "suspect" as a good coach, he AIN'T ONE! Hell, he couldn't even manage a decades old "arrangement" with a grocery store.

    As for his "character", he is one without any. Have a candid conversation with any of the BMDs in Baton Rouge. Any rumors that he was ever being considered to return were nothing more than unfounded ********. There is no "Jimbo Fan Club" along the Mississippi.

    I do not have the animosity towards Brazos County that so many have; I just never want to lose to them. That said, I pity them for making Bum Bright's stunts look "smart".
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  28. Joe Fan

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    TFB says --

    "(aggy) made waves with 2019 DL, DeMarvin Leal this past weekend. I did chat with Leal’s mother over the weekend. While some unpleasant news may come out soon regarding Leal, I don’t believe the story between Leal and Texas is even remotely over....."
    (edit is mine)
  29. BevoJoe

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    Never have cared for Jumbo Fizzled. He has had one natty, at FSU, and did ok overall in the ACC, a conference with 14 teams, 9 or 10 of which are not perennial power houses by any means. He had one great season 5 seasons ago and only finished in the top 10 in 3 seasons. Jumbo also had a couple of years with Bowden's recruits. His last year was dismal. So, he ain't no damn "god's gift" to college football by any means. Why the aggys hired him and guaranteed as much money as they did, especially coming off a losing season, is still a mystery to me...desperate I guess.
  30. SabreHorn

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    Thus was coined the phrase "Aggie it" :hookem2:

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