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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Looks like one of the guys living under the I-10 overpass at Silber
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    Seriously, those pants are growing on me
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    Saw on another board Pete Thamel reporting on Twitter Grambling has changed mind on Briles.
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    Looks like he's going to go back to the Italian team. The man is 66 and is never going to open up about how he handled the scandal. Colleges need to just give up on that dream.
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    Alabama is where coaches go to continue to collect their previous contracts while rehabilitating their resume with a little of Saban's polish as a Quality Control Analyst.
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    Is that real?
    If so, the scandal really took its toll!
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    Or the I-35 overpass near 7th in Waco
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    A Hue Jackson statement prior to the un-hiring of Briles:

    "As we move forward together with Coach Briles, we ask people to keep in mind that no matter your views on this topic, please remember that people can and often do become re-traumatized and re-victimized by statements which may or may not be accurate."

    Hue Jackson defends, rationalizes Art Briles hiring

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    This statement could do the same thing.
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    Charlie should do well there
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    I'm not sure. While Charlie inherited a rogue mess at Loserville, the image he seems to want to project is not exactly what has and is the norm in Convict Gables.
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    Nebraska coaching candidates: Mark Stoops, Matt Campbell lead list of coaches to replace Scott Frost

    With Frost out, N had better hire a winner if they ever want their storied program to return to relevancy.

    Some candidates:

    Matt Campbell - ISU
    great choice if they can get him
    a Big 10 sort of guy from that part of the country
    can smash em up with Big 10 teams

    Mark Stoops - Kentucky
    has made a basketball school a strong football contender

    Mickey Joseph - Nebraska interim coach
    blah... has got to be a mere "fall back" candidate

    Bill O'Brien - Alabama OC
    not sure if its his coaching or vastly superior talent that wins Bama games.
    that, and Bama's D
    also, can he bring Southern talent to the Northern Plains?

    Jim Leonhard - Wisconsin DC
    another Big 10 guy

    Gary Patterson - UT analyst
    outstanding defensive coach
    from Kansas originally, so the N gig may have some appeal
    not sure if he wants back on a hot seat

    Urban Meyer - broadcaster
    we know what he can do, but good luck getting him...

    Tom Herman - broadcaster

    PeeWee Herman - creep
    Nope, not him either
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  25. Chop

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    And N is for Nowledge...
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  26. 1sahorn

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    I don't know...that PeeWee Herman guy could be JUST who they need.
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  27. Sangre Naranjada

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    From that list, I think the Stoops brother might be the strongest candidate and best fit, but it would be hilarious (in the same way Jerry Jones' moves are hilarious) if Husker chose Bill O'Brien..
  28. Chop

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    Agree on the strongest candidate--although Urban may be if they could somehow get him (they will not).
    I think Campbell would be the best fit.
  29. bystander

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    I just don't know if they can recruit up there any more. Frost was theoretically a home run hire. Proven record as a HC (not Power 5 though). Direct ties to former glory days.

    What happened?
  30. Sangre Naranjada

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    I think it would be neck and neck for best fit. Both Campbell and Stoops have that midwestern Ohio background working for them.
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