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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Oct 11, 2018.

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    That should be a pretty easy thing to check.
    Did each aggy recruit get a NIL deal?
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    I can hear Bum Bright & Claytie Williams now '"NIL is ********, we pay them more under the table than any crappy NIL deal. NIL is for amateurs"
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    Proposal to deal with NIL pending calamity.

    The Houston Livestock Show dealt with the Jr. Steer Auction disparities in a way that might help with NIL distributions. I’m not sure the exact formulas, but this is it conceptually. Originally, the seller of the Grand Champion Steer got 100% of sales price. It got to be near $1MM. Large breeder families might pay $40-50K for weaned steer calves with super pedigrees for their kids to raise. All in legitimate pursuit of the $1MM prize. (Sound anything like major college football?) this priced the country 4-H and FFA kids out of the running. This went on for years and threatened to undermine the whole idea of supporting junior ag projects.
    So the HLSSR put a cap on the champions’ payout. They got no more than 3 times the average price and the balance went into the pool to be shared equally. So, for example the champ sells for $1MM and the rest sell for $15,000 average. The champion owner gets ‘only’ $45,000 and the rest goes into the pool to be split by the other 134 showers. So the 5* QB gets to keep 3x of his extra NIL money and the rest gets split by the linemen and defensive players. It gets a little complicated but each team is advantaged to add as many high NIL RB, WR, DE, DB, etc. all putting their larger than average NIL into the pool. The 5*’s still get a multiple share but the low NIL guys get brought along. This would make for a much happier locker room (I’ve been there when the stud RB fumbled 3 times and heard the sniping).
    More importantly, it puts a limit on what other schools can poach your team with.
    Just an idea, but we (collectively) must unspool this fiasco and damned fast or our beloved sport is toast. Instantaneous transfers with zero class-credit requirement and open-ended NIL money is a train wreck on the rails. Hell, the coaching staff will need a program to recognize the players year to year.
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    Addison to USC
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    And no....He was never coming here.
    It was all a show to try and cover Riley and USC should anyone try to go after them for tampering...which was highly unlikely anyway since it is the wild wild west.
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    I do not like the changes made by the HLS&R. They were, however, prompted by that little blonde girl from the High Plains who won OKC, Denver, Ft Worth, San Antonio, & Houston with five different steers from their ranch.

    Their excuse was that it was unfair to ranchers who didn't know anyone, while people with connections would have friends pay more for their steer.

    We actually had people watching out for "hard luck" families and families in need. (Some come to Houston knowing if they don't make the auction, they don't have money to go home.) we would take a family that had a bad year or were struggling financially, and bid their steer way up, same with pigs and lambs. Don't even begin to think you'll get a bid on an animal from Cal Farleys or Bexar County 4H (Buckner Home).

    Now the student gets 10-20 times the market value of the animal and the rest goes into the scholarship fund.

    I wish there was a way that Chris could restructure Texas athletics under the same IRS rules as the rodeo, but HLSR is the only event in the country where 100% of your ticket price is fully deductible, as is all your drink tickets in the clubs.
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    Bump - 2 more days.
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    Thank you for the nod to tennis, a great and underappreciated sport. Congrats to the ladies.

    Horns up

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    They may not be up for long. Rowing is going for the NC this weekend and men and women track the week afterwards.
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    Bo is a lowlife pain-in-the-arse, and a sore loser. “Hey Bo, don’t believe your lying eyes.”

    Other than that, he’s a great guy.
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    Opinions are like Pelinis... often wrong and usually asinine.
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    The funny thing is in the record books there's no asterisk saying "Pelini thought he got ******"
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    I have sympathy. Bo is a POS whiner but I have sympathy. I remember Grant Teaff
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    Bo Pelini is the sorriest excuse for a human being to ever roam a sideline, and yes I have met Howard Schnellenberger, Tom Osborne, Frank Beamer, & Dennis Erickson.

    I know that today's media is full of clowns with no credibility, but can any of them be stupid enough to print anything that worthless piece of **** says?
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    No doubt Bo is a POS
    We know games can be controlled by the refs.
    Does anyone think we would have lost a fairly called game at Bailor with Teaff
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    I regret that Pelini never had a game officiated by Durrenberger, Jim Evans, Frenchy Domingues (pronounced "Domain"), Percy Penn, Bii Began, Shorty Lawson, et al.
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    Does anyone think the aggy bonfire win was legit
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    Yessir, that was the one of two games that I’ve ever seen and felt the refs were controlling the outcome.
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    That is the other game I felt was controlled by the refs.
    And that’s not sour grapes.
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    I remember Jim Evans, I have no doubt he was on the “Bailer” payroll. He cost us 3 games in Waco that I know of, probably more.
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    Jim Evans was from Waco and a Baylor graduate. He was Abner McCall's parting gift to the SWC. He cost us a game in the Dome against Third Ward in 87 ??

    After that loss we went over to the Marriott at Braeswood and Greenbriar. The officials came in, and I called JD over to our table and told him his drink was on me, but he needed to get that piece of **** out of there before I got drunk, and while I was on my first drink, Evans proximity may accelerate my inebriation.

    Back then, each HC got three black balls, meaning those three could not officiate their games. Ken Falkner told me every SWC team except Baylor black balled Evans, yet he continued to be a back judge in the conference.
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    I think the ok state game was controlled by refs.
    I will always think that. Don't know what year that was.
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    This is RICH!!!! UT is like 64-3 in games decided by the referees!

    This is like if the Yankees started complaining that other teams spend too much on salary!

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    The best part is...all 64 of them were against aggy.
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