10 of 14 regular season losses

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    How difficult was the Horns schedule this year, of their 14 regular season losses, 10 came to teams that ended up in the Sweet 16 or better:

    Duke. Gonzaga, Michigan, Texas Tech (2) Kansas (2), WVU, Kansas State (2) and if want to say 11 of 15 total losses can count Nevada as well.

    I still think this team underachieved but you cant deny they played a monster schedule.
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  2. Htown77

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    Rick Barnes played a monster schedule nearly every year. He always tried to schedule Michigan State, UCLA, North Carolina, etc. In fact, Shaka has had an easier non-conference schedule than Barnes had every year here. Barnes still won 20 or more games 15 out of 17 years.

    So far Shaka has only gotten to 20 wins once his first year with Barnes’s players. Shaka has not won a tournament game and that tough schedule did not stop us from being out-coached by the Nevada coach.

    Barnes already proved we can win 20+ games a year against a tough non conference and Big 12 schedule. If Shaka fails to hit 20 again next year (Barnes was fired after a 20 win season), it is time to move on to a new coach. Tech and TCU found coaches who can compete and win 20+ games against a Big 12 schedule.

    The tough schedule argument does not fly when you lose to a short Nevada team with Mo Bamba on your roster because you do not try to go inside.
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    7 losses from 5 Elite 8 teams; 2 of which (possibly 3) will be in the Final 4. They played a monster schedule for sure. But yeah, I’m not a fan of the tough schedule argument either.
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    So you are saying that the Horns can lose to the best of 'em? :smile1: The really sad part was that we probably should have won at least half of those games giving up a late game lead.
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    There is an element of truth to what you say^^^. Also there is no doubt that all of those teams are better than Texas. More talent, more quality depth, much better home court advantage (a real difference maker in BB). There may be another difference, but I can't imagine what it would be :deadhorse:.

    By the way, Nova is showing why they are a #1 seed. They are disrupting ttu's offense, they are quicker, more talented, and making tech look bad. Lowest halftime point total of the season for tech.
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    Tech looks like they are channeling the Horns ability to miss layup after layup. Tech has also gone more one on one than in this game than I saw in any of their other games, but that may be due to nova’s defense.
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  7. txlandagent

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    Interestingly, both teams are only shooting 34% FG. Nova’s just gotten to the line twice as much. Tech is rallying.
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    FWHorn: OOPs, I just saw this thread and post. A few minutes ago I posted almost the same thing. Sorry for the repetitive post. Needless to say, I agree with the points you make.

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