10 teams that could dethrone Clemson next season

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by bck031, Jan 10, 2019.

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    6) The Longhorns are definitely back after an excellent season that concluded with a win over Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Sam Ehlinger is the starting quarterback, and he looks ready to take a step into the elite class of collegiate signal-callers. The defense will have to do the job after struggling at times in 2018, but with key pieces returning on offense, they will be in the mix for a possible playoff spot and a date with Clemson.

    10 teams that could dethrone Clemson next season
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    Will we still be back if we go 8-4? We have a lot of what's called "reloading" unless we lose then it's "young players". I'm concerned about next year.
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    Lots of key spots returning, but key loses on the field and in the lockeroom.

    Lil Jordan

    Off the top of my head.

    Returning D is biggest concern, but back ups got a lot of PT last season.

    I think upcoming talent will emerge and step up if coached properly. Some that will play better than some I named.

    The future is a bright burnt orange!!!
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    I read on some site that we will only have 3 defensive starters back next year. They were listing the returning starters for all the contenders, and all the rest had significantly more returning defensive starters than were listed for us. Have no idea if that's right, but that's what it said.
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    I could see losses to LSU and OU. Maybe, maybe not. The rest of the regular season? Maybe, maaaybe one more loss but betting not.

    Don't see as low as 8-4, probably, hoping, 10+ wins again.

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    Believe Murray is gone - Horns will beat ou. LSU IS a toss up this early... maybe an L. Grier is gone at WV. TCU will be .600 next season. Okie Lite comes to Austin as does KSU and I think Tech. Me thinks Big XII will be softer in 2019....

    Just my .02
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    Murray should be gone and blowU takes heavy losses on the o-line, but I haven't heard what the have to reload said o-line.
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    My o/u is 9.5. 9 seems realistic, albeit a little disappointing.

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