1957 Texas - OU color film strip

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Mesohorny, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Mesohorny

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  2. WorsterMan

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    Thanks. A short game and sideline video. Makes us UT football scholars hungry for so much more in the early DKR days.

    So AC, how did you procure this? :smile1:
  3. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Hey, the guy twirler shown at halftime....is that the famous alumni band guy who throws it just about out of the stadium then almost always catches it?? Haven't seen him in a few years though. I so that's pretty awesome!!

    Oh and was it my imagination or did Bevo look like a midget version?!?
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  4. AC

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    I don't know where the heck Mesohorny got that. Pretty cool though!
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  5. LAGA4

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    I really wish the LHN would get into finding and playing more old films like this.
    Have some of the older guys do some commentary. I think it would be very popular.
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  6. uisge beatha

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    I thought the same thing.

    Also the chearleader doing cartwheels in a poodle skirt was somewhat impressive
  7. Chop

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    I like Bevo's sweater/blanket.
  8. VYFan

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    Actually, Bevo was the same; we just used to have giants in the Texas Silver Spurs.
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  9. AC

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    Good one VYFan! My brother (Silver Spur Alumn) will laugh at that. Guessing that was a first year Bevo in 57’. Probably a yearling bull.
  10. horninchicago

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    According to this and a couple other sites, this Bevo was in his 3rd season at the time of the OU game. Later sent out to pasture that season after charging the Rice bench.


    TEXnSEATTLE 1,000+ Posts

    yes, that's him! I noticed the same thing...Harley Clark and Jane Rhodes are on the sidelines as well....two cheerleaders I knew for 40 years, prior to their passing...
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