2017 National Signing Day

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Dionysus, Jan 31, 2017.

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    WR Jordan Pouncey! Nice pick up!

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    From the late Dandy Don's LSU site (run now by his son). It's very relevant to the same questions we have here about Texas athletes leaving the state:

    Now let’s get some bad news out of the way…. As many of you know by now, Louisiana’s Phidarian Mathis (DT, 6'4", 287) of Neville High chose Alabama over LSU yesterday. I heard from tons of Tiger Fans last night who are sick and tired of LSU losing high-profile Louisiana players to the Tide, and I am too. Many of you asked the same valid question that my nine-year-old daughter asked when I told her the news: “Why?” Why would homegrown talents like Mathis, Isaiah Buggs, Dylan Moses and Chris Allen of this year’s class, not to mention several others in recent years, choose to play for LSU’s arch rival instead of their home-state school? I’ll answer you the same way I replied to my daughter, realizing that this answer is overly simplistic but also firmly believing in its truth. The main reason is because Alabama keeps beating LSU on the field. Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide has beaten LSU six consecutive times dating back to January of 2012. Kids like Mathis haven’t seen LSU beat Alabama since they were 12 years old, and meanwhile, they’ve seen the Crimson Tide play in four National Championships and win three of them. Sure, there are often other factors at play, but that’s a huge one. With that said, it’s worth noting that Mathis reportedly told SECCountry that LSU D-line coach Pete Jenkins didn’t recruit him as hard as Alabama’s Karl Dunbar.

    Until LSU beats Alabama on the field, I’m afraid we will see more of this, and we could even see more of it today. As much as I hate to say it, there’s a good chance that Louisiana’s top-ranked prospect, wide receiver Davonta Smith of Amite, will do the same. I said I was 50-50 on him a few days ago, but since then things seem to be trending in Bama’s direction.
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    Like Iowa state never he just made his first mistake with that statement the same way Charlie did when he said they won't be playing for any titles year one
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    Big 12 Composite Rankings (re: 247) over past 5 years --

    2013 - 1. OU 2. Texas
    2014 - 1. OU 2. Texas
    2015 - 1. Texas 2. OU
    2016 - 1. Texas 2. OU
    2017 - 1. OU 2. Texas
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    Has Marvin Wilson made a decision? When does he announce and is there any hope there?
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    i thought this was going to be a swag reference. but you meant helicopter differently.
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    pouncey was the cherry. i didn't hope for miracles and thought gary johnson was a huge get. i think kids loved charlie and it affected the vibe/energy.

    if we play like we should, next year will be better. but i like this group.
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    hard not to like this guy
    remember when he was so excited to meet Bevo?

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    Herman presser on tap
    on LHN

    and maybe streamed here
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    He addressed that quote. Said he was somewhat misquoted, that is twas not exactly what he said - he was answering a question that included Iowa St. It was kind of a long answer, better to watch the replay.

    Generally, if you did not see, his conference is nothing like Brown or Strong. He does not go player by player like Mack did. And his communication skills are better than Charlie's.

    Lastly, if you are feeling bad about this class, watch a replay of Herman. You will feel better about it, and everything else too. He was like a drink of Orange Kool-Aid.

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    My feeling, though not quite old enough to experience the late 1950s, and certainly there wasn't the microscope of national attention on college football recruiting back then, is that, I hope, the Herman reboot suggest more the DKR start than any of the coaches who followed him.

    Texas was down, Ed Price after skippering UT to 7-3, 9-2, 7-1, records slipped to 4-5-1, 5-5, 1-9 --- DX Bible hired DKR. I'm guessing the condition of UT-Austin football at that time was pretty much in shambles. The alphabets, SMU and TCU and the grain Rice were probably much more highly regarded than Texas was at that time.

    Didn't take DKR too long to turn it around to 6-4-1 and a final #11 ranking. The next 3 years Texas ranked 6th or higher for the entire 3 years, concluding with that Cotton Bowl win over Staubach's Navy team and an MNC.

    Akers certainly inherited a talented team that was tired and not properly utilized and motivated, turning around a 5-5-1 DKR final season to an 11-0 start, only missing out on the MNC by that thrashing by the Domers.

    I'd suggest that the continuing talent haul brought into the 40 acres and left for McWilliams, Macovic, and Brown was top-20 caliber for each starting their tenures.

    Not sure Brown left Strong quite that talent, and beside a respectable haul by Strong last year, looks like Strong leaves Herman more like what DKR inherited, a once national power, rudderless, clueless, but still with a boatload of history and resources just ripe for a restart.

    I hope.

    Hook 'em
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    He signed with what used to be Florida Normal School for Women.
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    With all the offers Pouncey has, how in the world is he the lowest of Rivals 3-stars? Also, on my roster chart, I am showing 85 scholarship players, as of today. Is that correct?
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    I suspect that is correct. When Chaisson opted for LSU, his spot was quickly filled by DT Chisholm.

    I haven't looked in the last few days but to allow 18 signees, there needed to be 4 or 5 players with eligibility that would not return. D Foreman and K Locksley are 2. Not sure who the others are.
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    Case closed!!!!!:hookem::hookem::hookem::bevo:
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    Pouncey looks slow.
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    I believe in the process. We should be celebrating, not second guessing. I live in a glass half full world because it's more fun being happy!
    My favorite signee is Pouncey, he just has a bounce in his step that I like!
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