2017 Recruiting?

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by HornSwoggler, Feb 3, 2016.

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    My prediction is you won't be on this board for long. You have arrived with a clear desire to put everyone into a bad mood.
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    So Far...Looks like all the commits are in. Saw an unconfirmed tweet that Zabie signed with UCLA.
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    Zabie to UCLA. Chaisson trending hard to LSU. Will Pouncey choose Miami for the hat trick? Strong's recruiting methods don't seem so great any more eh? Dude left Herman with 6 legit commits. I guess this class is going to be about as good as I should have expected though. Meh, whaddaya gonna do :idk:
  5. Horn2RunAgain

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    Have to say, I'm pretty disappointed in the first class for this staff. Charlie and Mack had a tough go their first years too, so I'm hopeful for 2018 and beyond..., but still....

    Hopefully this staff can elevate the current roster, make an impression, then build on that
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    I would rather win in the Fall than win in Feb
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    Herman said don't judge him on this years recruiting class when he was hired. He knows that first recruiting classes coming in late are usually a bust (all the way around).

    He'll be turning away guys next February.
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    With all the talk of how great some of these staff hires were as recruiters, I really expected Texas to do much better. They couldn't convince a single top in-state player to sign with TEXAS ? Disappointing to say the least. With that said, they better be much better coaches with Xs and Os etc, or things could go South. 8-4 and bowl win is critical now for 2017. As ESPN pointed out...the National Champs usually finish in the top 5 in recruiting annually. We are a long way from title level status, but hopefully Herman can turn the tide.
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    Herman didn't even have a full staff until mid-late December. They will now have a full year to recruit guys to Texas and hopefully keep the talent in-state.
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    Orangebloods.com showing that Pouncey has signed with Texas!
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    Good choice, Pouncey. :hookem:
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    Scout updated their JUCO rankings today and Gary Johnson is #3 overall and a 5-star
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    i think that's true. i just don't think it's fair of those who accept that, but not charlie saying that we wouldn't win his first year.

    if you want to hold people accountable to perform from day 1, then do so, but do it consistently.

    i think being good at analyzing a situation and seeing reality is a good quality. in both.
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    WHOA!! He had knee surgery but came back with different face?....That's Shocking!
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    You are never going to hear Tom Herman say he won't win his first year.

    There is such a huge difference between Herman and Strong. . He's just SMART enough to realize the situation coming in; and knowing that these guys he'd like to get this year, he never talked to until he got here because most wouldn't consider UH and there was NO reason building a relationship with them for the last 2-3 years.

    It aint a big deal. He now knows he can get anybody out there now......And he will.

    Like Rocky said, its simple mathematics.
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    I think the team can win but they have to overcome two big factors: 1) No Donta 2) New system

    But Charlie left some nice parting gifts in my opinion. It's a nice cake.
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    If Warren can stay healthy we won't be concerned about losing Donta. Of course that's a big "if". But I also think the line will be much improved and with a good OL even Porter can be a decent back.
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    This; until proven otherwise points and time of possession will be Job 1 as the D is still a big question mark.
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    Hopefully the depth at DT in last years recruiting class will kick in now. Warren seemed like a stud; hopefully (there's that dang word again) he isn't "injury-prone" because I think he can carry the load. Maybe not 2K yards but I feel he is very capable of a big year. Porter was a bit of mystery to me. He just didn't seem to get it.
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    :facepalm: :smh:
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  21. Omniscient.one

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    Y'all are missing the point here. The guy I quoted was insulting a recent, low-rated commit. And y'all are attacking me. Talk about rolling eyes. My quote illustrates his insult, he was saying we didn't really need the commit. Not that hard to understand.
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    What could r-Kansas or Mobilehoma do with him? A degree from the Sons of Klem is the equivalent of more than a doctorate from either of them. Maybe they could convey a JD and an MD for his year's work.
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    – Scott Pagano: As you all know by now, per Ryan Bartow of 247sports.com, Clemson grad transfer DT, Scott Pagano, narrowed his list to seven. Texas along with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Cal, Oregon and Nebraska made the cut.

    Yesterday I was able to confirm through multiple sources that Pagano will visit Oklahoma next month. We have now confirmed that Pagano will also take a visit to Texas. I am told that a visit date has not yet been scheduled.

    A second source close to Pagano said that part of Texas’ appeal is the individual stats that the defensive linemen at Houston posted under the guidance of the current Texas staff. – (Super K)

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    Safety Leon O'Neal Jr

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    who's superk

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