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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Joe Fan, Nov 28, 2017.

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    This pleases me greatly. :bounce1::bounce2::yippee:
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    Ojomo supposed to be at 270+ already
    Also, all of these early practice reports from the various places have mentioned Osai - so he must be really standing out so far
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    Tre Watson scatbacking into Austin and onto campus manana.
    Let's see if and how long it takes him to solidify the RB1 spot.
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    Also saw Ossai showed up at 235 lbs
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    Yeah, this is a strong class, but I think Ossai and Carson outperform their rankings. :crossingfingers:
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    With Angilau in, that is supposed to be everyone.
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    Yeah the barge from Baton Rouge arrived at the turning basin in Houston on Monday.
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    Tote that barge
    Lift that bale
    Git a little drunk,
    An' you land in jail
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    So I haven't looked at this thread for several weeks, and now I'm all happy after getting caught up.

    Few thoughts.

    1. Having Calvin Anderson is going to do so much for this program, he is a guy that the younger guys will look up to and try to pattern themselves after. He will be solid at L OT, and his presents will give more to the middle guys where the coaches can spend more time. Not sure what will happen on the right side, but I think every other tackle will be looking at that spot for playing time.

    2. Can't say enough about having depth at TE for the first time in forever. In fact, I really can't remember when we had so many TE that actually have the ability to contribute. If Reese Lateao has put his past behind him, I think he is the most balanced TE on our roster. This is the first year I think we can actually have a 2 TE formation and put out two legit TE that can get the job done.

    3. For the next 3 or 4 years Safety is going to be a position of strength for Texas, I'm looking forward to watching these guys. I think the hardest job for the coaches is teaching them how to tackle without becoming human missiles.

    4. Extremely excited to read that Ojomo is turning some heads, One of the hardest positions to recruit for is Nose Tackle, it requires a different skill set than just being a Defensive Tackle. The best NT are usually shorter stocky and extremely powerful. Ojomo just looks like he was made to play NT. He is like the second coming of Jerry Ball. A guy that can put that much pressure on the Center will cause the opposing team to always double him

    5. I haven't seen enough of Tre Watson to know what kind of impact he is going to have, however I know a guy like that will push everyone else to be better, so I really think he is going to be a heck of a pickup.

    6. With Angealu now in, I suddenly feel a lot better about depth on the oline, I'd still love to take another grad transfer, one of the guys from Bama, but he would be more of a luxury now than a necessity.
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    " .... Summer workouts have begun and like every off-season, the names of some freshman that are surpassing expectations are popping up. Super K had a post up recently about how impressed people in the program are with OLB/DE Joseph Ossai.

    Another name that has popped up recently that I heard about is DT Moro Ojomo. I’ve been told the Katy HS product looks college football ready, right now. He’s an athletic defensive tackle and I’ve heard that the defensive staff thinks the sky is the limit with this guy.

    One thing that continues to blow me and Texas people away is that Ojomo was only 16 years old when he signed with Texas. He’s going to continue to grow and that’s another reason so many are excited about him. – (Andrew)"

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    Congrats to Sam. My daughter-in-law couldn’t get in and ended up going to aTM because of it, ugh!!!
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    Nashhorn, this is where you should have stepped in as a father and told her she needs to get a degree in Art Appreciation from The University.

    Kidding of course. That was a solid choice but I bet you had to go into a sound proof room to scream at the top of your lungs when you found out. [​IMG]
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    Well Shilala you don't know the half of it. Didn't know her till after she married my son and she met him at...............you guessed it, anM. No way he could get into UT so he goes the Blinn route to anM. And yep I did scream and still do. Only had one out of five that had the qualifications to apply, and they lost her application. I kid you not. Ended up a Vandy grad but everyone except my son remain solid UT fans. Then my final hope to have a UT student was my incredibly capable granddaughter. She doesn't get accepted and ended up graduating from Johns Hopkins, yep accepted by so many top tier schools but not her hearts desire - made me bitter - well till football season anyway.
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    Keep telling yourself grad school is not really the same thing
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