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    This list is growing -- first it was Bob Corker (Tenn), then it was Jeff Flake (Ariz) and now it's Mark Sanford (SC).

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    Four years ago this time, Eric Cantor was losing a primary to Dave Brat.
    Pundits were stunned.
    Media wondered -- “Was this a one-off or does it mean something more about a rift between the Republican Establishment and its base?”
    Looking back, it was the opening scene. Still happening.
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    It would take congressional approval, and that won't happen. And it would be stupid for the GOP. Northern California and California would each send two hardcore liberals to the Senate. Southern California would be a swing state. That's a net gain for Democrats.
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    This is one of at least 2-3 attempts to get enough signatures to get a "breakup California" initiative on the ballot. They are coming from the left and right. None will be successful but it's interesting in the fact that California is a bit of a microcosm of what's happening in the US in the culture war between the cities and rural areas. Neither side wants to "live" with the other.
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    I didnt say it was a good plan, only noted that it made the ballot. What I thought was the most notable part of the proposal was that it did not include a provision that some part be remitted to Mexico. Isn't that a little surprising?
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